Date: 06/08/2015

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Excellent advice. Whatever BJP compulsions are to protect Sonia Gandhi etc., it is suicidal to continue to go soft on Sonia Gandhi and the many crooks in the parliament today. Yes all parties need money for election, but what Congress did to the country, especially last 10 years is beyond imagination, daylight plundering of the nation, just one coal allocation speaks volumes. Did that stop them from passing bills by using various threats. I understand, Modi was even advised to write a hand written invitation to Sonia Gandhi for the Oath taking ceremony.

Modi has at most two more years and if there is no perceptible change, it is congress back again and country will lose. Everyone knows the game plan to destroy Modi vision for nation and continue the same. For heaven sake, get real. Modi needs to take charge and follow his instincts. For starters, let Dr. Swamy pursue the cases against Sonia Gandhi and the many crooks.

@Narendra Modi: do not repeat the mistakes of Prithviraj Chauhan !

Posted on July 21, 2015 by FranÁois Gautier | 2 Comments

I know that the #BJP used it, but this disrupting of the most sacred tool of democracy, the Indian Lok Sabha, is extremely detrimental do the interests of the people of #India, as no serious business is conducted and these worthless MPís who spend on each other hundreds of crores of the taxpayersí money, just sit idle. Also, for those who have watched it, its a disgrace, worth than a fish market, where at least some business is conducted. I do not understand also why @NarendraModi greets #Congress President @SoniaGandhi in Parliament. Mr Modi must have read the story of Prithviraj Chauhan who forgave invader Muhammad Ghori three times and was eventually beaten by Ghori, blinded and later executed with great cost for Indiaís integrity. The tolerance of #Hindus should have a limit.