Date: 09/08/2015

Thanks. Your question is most pertinent. (e-mail below)
I was his staunch admirer initially.
I was 100% at his back.
I held him as an "avataar".
I put all my eggs in ONE basket called "Modi".
I saw a new dawn of Hindu resurgence and glory after a millennia of slavery and persecution. And,
I went about saying, "It is the first time in a thousand years that we see a Hindu on top in our Hindusthan!"

But I paused to think when you first noticed and pointed out the Gandhi bust in his office. From that moment on I have started looking at Modi with critical eyes and I must say that he has disappointed me more than encouraged or pleased me since.

There are reasons for me to think this way. Among others-

1. Cancellation of his visit to Israel, a staunch strategic ally of Bharat. Either the Fifth Column of Islam or the Italian Mafia warned him against going there.
2. He did not repeal Article 370 nor dismissed the Govt of J & K.
3. He has not endorsed the need of a new Constitution.
4. He did not take one step towards Ayodhya Temple.
5. He broke his promise on OROP for our respected elderly ex-service personnel.
6. He did not protest to, or warn, Pakistan against border incursions.
7. He did not allow the army to go on HOT PURSUIT of the enemy by crossing the bogus border imposed in 1947.
8. He has not given orders to put up MEMORIALS to the Hindu dead of Noakhali (1946) and West Punjab (1947).
9. He does not issue any warning to the breakaway States when Hindus are persecuted or even killed in them. The latest instance is the murder of blogger Niloy Chatterjee in Dhaka who was originally betrayed by Nehru who let off East Bengal in 1947 and later by his (Nehru's) daughter Maimoona Begum who let them off AGAIN in 1972 showing NO commitment to Secularism but bowing deep before ISLAM. None in an ISLAMIC REPUBLIC can be the guardian of a Hindu. So Modi had to realise his special role and responsibility, and act.
10. We understand that the traffic in Bharat is as chaotic and lawless as before.
11. We understand that the "baboos" are as lazy, corrupt and vindictive as before, only adding to frustration of common man.
12. He has neither said a word about the "bofors CHOR" not about the instigators of senseless massacre of thousands of innocent Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere in Octoher/Novemer 1984.

The recent e-mails have brought out quite a few more allegations that Modi is pandering to Mafia and Islam and has NO firm policy to deal with them effectively, nor any plan to equip and enable the Hindus along the border, especially in South Kashmir, to defend themselves.

Friends have been advising us, "watch & see" but where the very beginning is so WRONG the end cannot suddenly be right. So any hope of change of heart or manner of Modi may be far fetched.

We invite comment from all on this patriots' list.

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