*ISIS Planned to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth

Date: 10/08/2015

*ISIS Planned to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth

Intelligence reports indicate ISIS in Syria was arranging a bombing at next Saturday's VJ Day to kill the Queen of England.

British intelligence sources have identified a plot by local jihadists commandeered by Islamic State (ISIS) leaders in Syria to assassinate Queen Elizabeth next Saturday, reports the UK Daily Mail.

The planned attack is to target the 70th VJ Day (Victory in Japan) marking the end of World War II, and in particular it aims to kill the Queen of England - the warning has triggered British security to beef up its presence dramatically.

The incident brings to mind events last September, when "credible" threats were received of an ISIS plot to assassinate Pope Francis. Security was boosted, and fortunately the alert passed without further incident.

But now police and MI5 in Britain are racing to find the jihadists behind the plot, with no arrests made yet. The queen has stated that she will attend the VJ Day celebrations regardless, undeterred by the threat.

10 Aug 15.