Date: 11/08/2015

Respected Shri Modi

To all of us, including the NRI’s, our Land of birth and divinity (Hindusthan), our (native) Religion (Hindu) and our Culture (“way of life”) matter. Therefore, kindly do the following while you are still the popular prime minister of Bharat:

1. Hold an enquiry into PARTITION to ascertain the role played by each and every one who took part in the “independent” talks prior to Partition of India.

2. Look into the possibility of removing Article 370 of Constitution. Either it should be repealed or its provisions and privileges extended to all states. (Please encourage all the timid and cowardly self-negating scared and degraded Hindu/Sikh chief ministers to become bold to demand this but not passively watch their own degradation while admiring the separate Constitution of J & K State!)

3. Please define, and declare, the constitutional status of Muslims after conceding them five provinces to form their own exclusive separate Islamic homeland called “Pakistan”.

4. Set up a Commission charged with gathering data and information on all the Hindus who lost their lives in 1946 and 1947 during Partition of India. If the Jews can compile a list of six million, surely it is not beyond realisation in our own case. Those who perished in the freedom struggle or were destined to become the price that Hindusthan had to pay for our freedom, were our kith and kind, our own parents or ancestors. They were neither foreigners nor “insects” or “vermin”! They deserve to be remembered and honoured by the whole nation.

5. Kindly establish a Commission to ascertain the reasons as to why the Indians have left for foreign shores in such large numbers. It’s only by knowing the reasons that our great country (Hindusthan) can remove those deficiencies, shortcomings and frustrations that provided the motivation to leave our Motherland.

6. Please appoint a new Constituent Assembly to re-write the CONSTITUTION of modern and sovereign Hindusthan as a HINDU RASHTRA since we conceded, and accept, the two ISLAMIC republics on either side of our blessed tolerant, civilised and secular Hindusthan.

7. Please set up a Commission to recommend the new flag for Bharat. The present flag is nothing but the old Congress Party flag with traitor Nehru’s smart idea to replace “charkha” (spinning wheel) by Ashoka Lions. He outright rejected the idea of any Hindu association or symbol. (JL Nehru University in New Delhi ought to be RE-NAMED immediately!)

8. Please set up a Commission to select or adopt a new National Anthem. The present one is most inappropriate, even insulting and offensive, since it mentions “Punjab”, that is now cut, chopped, divided and partitioned into FIVE ridiculous fragments and not even a “Doab” (Land of TWO rivers!), Bengal, that is now a mere narrow strip of land from South to North, a dirty joke on the original grand province of Bengal when Kolkata was the capital of India; and Sindh that is totally absent from the map!

9. Kindly replace that Gandhi bust in your office by a bust or painting of one of the following:-

a) Guru Gobind Singhji

b) Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

c) Rani of Jhansi

d) Maharana Pratap

e) General Hari Singh Nalwa who captured Khyber Pass

f) General Zorawar Singh who captured half of Tibet

g) Swami Vivekananda.

10. Kindly “militarise” the border with the “kafir-killer” hostile Mohammedan countries on either side, by issuing guns- and training- to the residents within five miles (or 10 km) of the border.

It will ensure that NEVER AGAIN can any infiltrator get near the Gurdaspur police station in East Punjab whose DEFENCE rests with your government now. (NB: Brave Sikh young men and women in the State, eager to recapture Khyber Pass, are waiting to be impressed by your own "enemy crunching" bold example!

Modiji, please let them not laugh and say, "What an irony! Follower of Gandhi rules over Followers of Gobind!" They know the price their parents and grandparents paid in 1947 when they did just that!)

With highest regards and expectations,


Aug 11, 2015.