Date: 26/08/2015


The Daily Telegraph

I refer to your headline in your esteemed daily today, August 26, 2015, "8 million foreigners living in Britain".

The news is alarming in the sense that foreigners (some of whom dare to kill our brave soldiers in broad daylight, blow up trains & busus and wish to destroy planes in the air) also bring with them their own belief systems, ideologies, morals, drives and propensities. Gone are the days of Britain of 1940's when she was ONE nation with ONE language and ONE united response to NAZI threat from abroad.

Tomorrow's fragmented, fractured Britain will FAIL, even to meet the internal threats that are likely to arise and develop in the coming decades at an alarming rate due to the dynamics of these "foreigners" who are obviously desperately trying to escape what they have themselves created back home due to their belief systems and ways of life.

What are the elected "rulers and defenders" of this nation doing in view of this silent but massive "invasion" of Christian EUROPE with serious implications for the survival of our own well established "way of life"?

The traditional British "way of life" is vanishing bit by bit with each foreigner landing on these shores.

Yours truly
August 26, 2015.