Date: 27/08/2015



Reg: Millions of illegal "border crashers" (mostly MUSLIM) into EU.


I wish to put on record my serious concern over the end result of this “tide of desperate humanity” that will be endless.

Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam, was a constant fighter. He carried out his JEHAD against the Christians, the Jews, the Infidels, the Pagans, and anyone else who did not believe in him. He is still the role model for most, if not all, the Muslims!

Mohammed fought his enemies head on when they were weak but used SURPRISE as a weapon of war when outnumbered. The result was a GLOBAL Islamic "empire" from Morocco to Indonesia over which the sun never sets!

The British genius created a similar global empire later but it did not last long unlike the Islamic "empire" that seems eternal, and expanding.

Observing the latest rush to enter EU by the followers of Mohammed all along Southern and Eastern borders of EU, a nightmare, as follows, would certainly give sleepless nights to many peace loving people (not only Christians but also Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Yazidis, and so on) living peacefully in Europe today.

In today's context, finding Europe an impenetrable "Christian" fortress, the leaders of Islam would shout:

"Drop your guns and cast off your uniforms and enter as harmless starving refugees, not as fighters. Then crash through the borders en masse with all your wives and children.

"Enemy hearts will melt. They will feed and accommodate you and let you stay. After the initial phase of "incubation" (rest & recovery), Inshaw Allah, you will rise as a united Nation of Islam inside Europe.

"Then you can wear your uniforms, pick up your guns and do what you ought to, in order to link up with the I.S. advancing from the East."

Sir, I am convinced of the fact that only dangers lie ahead for this peaceful Christian Europe of today, created at immense cost over the past centuries if the borders are allowed to collapse before the immense surge and push of this "unending tide of desperate humanity."

Can they not be held in camps till repatriated back to their lands of birth, or directed to the 50 odd ISLAMIC republics on earth where they can live happily, practise Islam freely, and please their Prophet?

Yours truly,


27 August 2015.



I refer to your headline in your esteemed daily today, August 26, 2015, "8 million foreigners living in Britain".

The news is alarming in the sense that foreigners (some of whom dare to kill our brave soldiers in broad daylight, blow up trains & busus and wish to destroy planes in the air) also bring with them their own belief systems, ideologies, morals, drives and propensities. Gone are the days of Britain of 1940's when she was ONE nation with ONE language and ONE united response to NAZI threat from abroad.

Tomorrow's fragmented, fractured Britain will FAIL, even to meet the internal threats that are likely to arise and develop in the coming decades at an alarming rate due to the dynamics of these "foreigners" who are obviously desperately trying to escape what they have themselves created back home due to their belief systems and ways of life.

What are the elected "rulers and defenders" of this nation doing in view of this silent but massive "invasion" of Christian EUROPE with serious implications for the survival of our own well established "way of life"?

The traditional British "way of life" is vanishing bit by bit with each foreigner landing on these shores.
August 26, 2015.