Date: 29/08/2015

DEATH KNELL OF HINDU DHARMA IS SOUNDING IN HINDUSTHAN AND WE ARE ALL DEAF OR HELPLESS! (NB: This is no flippant panic reaction but a matter of extreme danger to WHAT IS LEFT OF our Akhand Bharat.)

This is broad daylight destruction of Hindu Dharma on its own soil. This is the result of Nehru's dishonest & malicious enforcement of seculariam on Bharat only, while letting ISLAMIC East & West Pakistan off the secular hook in 1947.

At least, to assert ourselves to be equal, Hindusthan should insist on having at least ONE temple in Saudi Arabia. How can we allow the enemies, who regard us as KAFIRS (primary targets for massacres, abductions and conversions) have a free hand with respect to building mosques in Hindusthan, and these, too, with FOREIGN money?

If evil is not nipped in the bud we will be helpless when it grows to be the size of a tree. Why should the only Hindu nation on earth watch the enemy grow in its body SO RAPIDLY? What lessons have we learnt from Partition? We are allowing the enemies GROW while not yet putting PARTITION on discussion agenda. (By the way, not discussing that horrendous and pointless Partition in Lok Sabha is the open proof of NATIONAL cowardice or dishonesy!)

Keeping Islam OUT of Partitioned India is not breaking any rule or convention but sheer SELF DEFENCE for survival. Can we see Hinduism DISSOLVING itself, or IMPLODING, on the land of its origin in this way?

Let us be clear: Those who are building more mosques do NOT believe in "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" as any Hindu refugee from East Bengal, West Punjab and North & South Kashmir will tell us!

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In order to Islamize Hindu India, Saudi Arabia has funded 1700 crores of rupees (one dollar = 63 Indian rupees) , sent 25,000 Muslim scholars/preachers to India to propagate extreme form of Islam by conducting seminars all over India. Saudi Arabia has planned to establish four Islamic Universities in India. Wahabists have already taken over control of 75 mosques in Kerala, an Intelligence Bureau report states.
Muslim population in India has more than doubled since the Partition of India in 1947. According to PEW Research Center, Muslim population in India by 2050 will be 311 million – more than the population of the USA. This is a very frightening scenario.
The demographic situation in India has assumed an alarming turn. Anti India forces are working hard to convert India into Dar al-Islam (Islamic Nation). According to several reports by 2060 Hindus will be reduced to a minority in India.
In 2013, Islamic government in Egypt closed 27,000 mosques and on June 26, 2015, Tunisia government decided to close 80 mosques for inciting violence and preaching hatred.
Saudi Arabia does not allow Hindus and Sikhs to establish a temple or a Gurudwara in its country. Equity demands that principle of reciprocity should be followed in such cases.
It is unfathomable as to on what basis government of India is permitting anti-Hindu and anti-India forces whose avowed aim is to Islamize India, to flourish and destroy India from within!
For the survival of Hindu nation, it is obligatory on the Government of India, rich and powerful Hindu leaders and organizations to wake up from the deep slumber and nip in bud the sinister designs of our enemies.
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How Saudi funded Rs 1,700 crore for Wahabi influence in India

Last year violence broke out near a Mosque in Bommanhalli, Bengaluru and what was being termed as minor tiff was in fact a case of some youth trying to impose the Wahabi preachings.Read more: ISIS threatens more attacks against Shiites in Saudi ArabiaWhen the seniors in the administration of the Mosque opposed these youth, there were clashes in which 4 persons were injured seriously.
In another incident that occurred in Maharashtra, Wahabi scholars bribed some members of the Mosque and attempted taking over the administration. While the Muslims in many states have opposed the Wahabis tooth and nail, success for the Saudi Arabia sponsored Wahabis was highest in Kerala.
These are instances that could be read with the recent Wikileaks documents which suggested that Saudi Arabia is worried about the growing influence of Iran over India and the outreach by Tehran to the Shia community was worrying. The Muslim World League also requests Saudi Arabia to establish Wahabi centres in India to counter the threat from the Shias.
How Saudi Arabia set up Wahabi centres in India?
Saudi Arabia realizes that the Shias in India are a threat to the dominance of the Sunni community. India houses a large number of Shias and this according to the Saudis gives Iran an upper hand in India. However for Saudi the Sunnis in India have not followed the violent Wahabi style of Islam and there are many seniors in the Muslim community who will not allow that to happen.The only way Saudi could instill a radical thinking in the minds of the Sunni Muslims in India was by the establishment of Wahabi centres.
The Wahabis are an extremely orthodox set of Sunni Muslims. There are several Muslims in India who subscribe to the Wahabi view.As a first step, Saudi sent in several Wahabi preachers into India an Intelligence Bureau report states. The years 2011 to 2013 alone saw a record number of 25,000 Wahabis coming to India and conducting seminars in various parts of the country. With them they brought in Rs 1700 crore in several installments and used it to propogate the Wahabi style of Islam.Wahabism found success in Kerala:The drive by Saudi to impose the Wahabi culture in India has not been entirely a success. The highest rate of success that they have witnessed is in Kerala.This is a lot to do with the fact that there is a large population of people who go to Saudi in search of employment. Many in Kerala have welcomed with open arms the Wahabi style of preaching and this has let the Saudi controlled lot take control over nearly 75 Mosques in the state.The newer Mosques that are coming up in Kerala are also constructed in the manner in which they done in Saudi Arabia.This is just one small indicator of how much people of the state are willing to follow the radical style preached by the Wahabi scholars.
Moreover the inflow of funds into Kerala from Saudi is the highest when compared to any other part of the country.It was in Kerala that one got to see posters mourning the death of Osama Bin Laden and also a prayer for Ajmal Kasab after he was hanged. Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that a large number of youth appear to be attracted to this radical style of Islam, but also add that there are some elders who are trying to oppose it.
The Wahabi rule book in India:
Each time a Wahabi preacher comes to India, he comes in with a rule book. What they intend to do is ensure that the rule book is circulated in the Mosques.However when the administration of the Mosques have opposed this it has led to clashes. The rule book has a set of guidelines which need to be ahdhered to failing which the horrific Sharia law would be imposed.Here are a couple of guidelines that have been set as per the Wahabi rule book:
Shrines shall be forbidden•
Every Muslim woman should wear purdah or be subject to severe punishment•
Men have to compulsorily grow beards•
Women should not be allowed to work. Exception can be made only if the family is in need.•
Men and women should not mingle together in public.•
No weeping loudly at funerals.•
Abide by the Shariat law; every offence committed shall be punishable under this law.•
All men should wear trousers which are above their ankles.•
No laughing loudly or listening to music;
no dancing or watching television.
Wahabi universities being set up:
The Saudi sponsored Wahabis are aiming to set up their own education system in India as well. Out of the total Rs 1700 crore that has been earmarked for the cause, Rs 800 crore is being spent on setting up Universities in different parts of the country. One such university was seen in Andhra Pradesh as well. Over all they propose to set up 4 such universities which will only cater to Wahabi preachings.With the take over of the existing Mosques becoming extremely difficult, they have earmarked Rs 400 crore to set up 40 Mosques adhering only to Wahabi preachings in different parts of the country.A sum of Rs 300 has been been earmarked to set up Madrasas while the remaining Rs 200 crore has been set aside as miscellaneous costs which also would include bribes to paid off to Mosque authorities as was seen in Maharashtra.
The birth of the Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith:

The birth of the Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith took place in India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. As a first step they wielded their influence on the various Mosques which began preaching the Sharia law as mandated by the Wahabis.The next stop was Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh following which they began wielding influence heavily in Kerala. The Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith was the umbrella body which oversaw the flow of Wahabi scholars into India. The same outfit is also making efforts to spread their ideology into Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and until last year Karantaka.
You may rub your eyes and re-read the title but it is fact. And, this has happened in India on the last Sunday (August 23, 2015.)
An old-time friend from Chennai had, on request by the Sunni Federation, addressed the Conference on: "Muslims United Against Terror". Earlier, the organisers had met both the Prime Minister and National Security Advisor.
Let us read the Resolution adopted at the Conference:

Quote (.)

This Conference takes grave note of the grim tragedies facing the world in general and in particular the Ahlus Sunnat Wa Jamat who have become victims of Wahabhi Tawhidi Violence.

The Conference takes a grim note of the plight of the refugees poignantly described in the UNSC Resolution SC/11580 dt 24 SEPTEMBER 2014 wherein Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon stated : “The world is witnessing a dramatic evolution in the nature of the terrorist threat,”In the past year thousands of civilians — the vast majority of them Muslims — had been killed, maimed, sexually abused and displaced by terrorists, from Afghanistan to Somalia to Nigeria, from Iraq to Libya to Mali’.

The Conference hopes that the UN Security Council Resolution 2170 (2014) Condemning gross & widespread abuse of Human Rights by ISIS, Al Qaeda in Iraq, Syria would be effectively implemented.

The Conference condemns the Wahabi ISIS affiliate called Jamāʿat at-tawḥīd wal-jihād fī gharb ʾafrīqqīyā which has killed the Sunnis and destroyed the dargahs in Mali and hopes that the International Criminal Court (ICC) which has opened an investigation into the war crimes of Jamāʿat at-tawḥīd in Mali will prosecute and punish the Wahabi Terrorists.

The Conference wishes the Syrian Arab Republic, Republic of Nigeria , Republic of Afghanistan, Republic of Iraq, Republic of Mali comprehensive victory over the Wahabi ISIS, Al Qaeda and their affiliates.

The Conference strongly condemns the threat of Jihad issued against Our Country by Ansar al-Tawhid fi’Bilad al-Hind, an ISIS affiliate and Al Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS). The Conference vehemently rejects this call for jihad against our Country.

The Conference reiterates that the Ahle Sunnath Wal Jamaat, being the first line of defence against these Wahabis terrorists, shall protect our Country from PAKISTAN ISI, Wahabi AL Qaeda and ISIS , Tawhid fi bilad al Hind and all its affiliates.

The Conference feels that the ideological Fight Against Terrorism is not only the duty of the Government but also that of the Civil Society. The Conference resolves to take the ideological fight against terrorism to the nook and corner of the State.
The conference feels that Unity of all communities is the effective counter to terrorism which is knocking at our gates and the Conference shall strive to foster this UNITY AND INTEGRITY OF THE NATION.
The Conference requests the Government to prevent the misuse of Waqfs by Tablighis and Wahabis.
The Conference thanks the Speakers who despite their tight schedule had assembled here. This shows how much they espouse and empathise with the goals on the Conference- the need of the Hour.
The Conference recognizes the great efforts of colleagues who have worked very hard to prepare for this Conference, particularly in conceptualizing its substance.

Unquote (.)

As seen, some parts of the Resolution have been highlighted for drawing your attention. It is significant that the International Criminal Court has already been carrying some investigation against the primary offending party.
We sincerely appreciate that this Conference has also said what we have very recently heard in a Seminar in Delhi on August 22, 2015, by the newly-formed "Bharatiya Citizens Security Council" (BCSC) on "Constructive Approach To Destructive ISIS", that the civil society has also a duty to fight the "ideological fight" against terrorism (read ISIS in the Seminar by the BCSC).
We sincerely request and advise both the Sunni Federation and the BCSC to join hands and take this "ideological fight" against terror to the nooks and corners of the country.
Well, all concerned will have however, to proceed very cautiously. There is no dearth of "friends", lurking around to sabotage any such joint movement by Hindu-Muslim communities for the larger good of the country.
Friends, let us keep our fingers crossed and wish all success to the proposed joint venture.