Date: 30/08/2015



Abdul Kalam was given extraordinary spectacular rise beyond his dream in Hindusthan while many MORE CAPABLE, INTELLIGENT, DILIGENT, LOYAL & INTELLECTUAL HINDUS WERE KILLED WHEN INDIA WAS MUTILATED BY INDIGENOUS MUSLIMS, and later during Dynasty's iron hold over Bharat SUPERSEDED or FORCED TO RETIRE.

That is where the irony and SHAME lie. We raise the aliens on the ashes of our own dead.

Dr Kalam was a government employee, not the liberator of crushed Hindu soul, later put in the President's chair that has been highly DEVALUED by Dynasty+Congress.

Recalling some in that office earlier makes one sick to vomit. India was cut like a rag in 1947, and she has been treated like a colony since. This is the latest act of SNUB to the nation in order to appease the Muslims.

There is always a FOREIGN FINGER manipulating the highest office in Hindusthan that is still floating aimlessly in POLITICAL VACUUM, and we can guess the name of the culprit in this case, that represents the ITALIAN MAFIA in Hindusthan.

"Rashtramata" Sonia Maino Gandhi's Will could easily override the sentiments of all the self-negating fearful & intimidated Hindu nation- just as easily as Bharat was mutilated, and millions of Hindus massacred in 1947 and millions more left in wilderness and tears.

Indeed, as one has commented below (Comments section deleted) ANY OTHER ROAD in the State where he was born could have been named after him. And WHO, except God Himself, can testify that he did not convey all the nuclear Top Secrets to Pakistan? Was it a coincidence that Pakistan, too, had an atom bomb at about the same time when India did? Aren't we a naive, gullible, trusting and FOOLISH nation?

But to elevate him to match with EMPEROR Aurangzeb and belittle our holiest saint GURU Tegh Bahadur, "Hind di Chador" (Defender of Hindu Dharma), who is like a SHINING STAR above in the sky, an INSPIRATION to millions to uphold our Faith against foreign onslaughts, was a deliberate HURT to the nation's feelings by the HINDU BASHING "sarkar" who have yet to provide protection to the Kashmiri Hindus to honour the sacred memory of Guru Tegh Bahadur.

Abdul (lit. "slave of Allah") may be revered by many but there is NO comparison with the courageous, noble and universally popular Guru with his eternal reputation who walked into DEATH knowing fully well the risk of intervening with the most bigoted and fanatic Muslim Emperor to plead for the religious freedom of Kashmiri Hindus. Yet this secular mongrel land of Rishis and Mahatmas is not prepared to acknowledge the extreme sacrifice of Guru Tegh Bahadur!

Guru Tegh Bahadur professed the NATIVE religion that sprang from the sacred soil of Hindusthan while Kalam stuck till death to his FOREIGN religion that originated in the desert of ARABIA.

He was embodiment of Hindu nation's lack of conviction, guts & courage, not to press on him "ghar wapsi". He was surrounded by despicable pygmies and dwarfs who got the thrill by naming the road after him. According to psychology, the COWARDS get a thrill out of surrendering and appeasing.

In NO other country on earth do we see the HEAD of State who does not share the RELIGION of the majority population especially when the religion of this man was SO OFFENSIVE to our souls due to mass murder of Hindus over centuries, the mutilation of Bharat, and the DESTRUCTION of all the famous temples across the country. A MANLY nation would have ensured "population exchange" before surrendering five provinces of Bharat and Abdul and his fellow Muslims would have been shown the way to their Islamic homeland. Kalam had heard of that bloody PARTITION that required all the Muslims to either go to Pakistan or shed the "LEPROSY" of Islam! He disregarded the sentiments of Hindus and our conviction that a MUSALMAN CANNOT BE LOYAL TO A KAFIR COUNTRY. His Koran calls for JIHAD against the Hindus by all means, including SURPRISE.

We did not see Kalam go to Srinagar to wipe the tears of widows and orphans there, and with full powers to do so, HE DID NOT ABOLISH THAT DISGUSTING SYMBOL OF INDIAN SURRENDER, that is, Article 370 of Constitution.

Shri Modi is a noble Hindu but seems to be surrounded and suffocated by the powerful MAFIA/MUSLIM Nexus that ignored him on this vital issue, taking the power of ACTION away from him.

It is worth finding out, for record, as to who signed on the order to change the name of the road? That Secular Sarkari "DOG" is as loyal to Hindusthan as his predecessor was to Bharat, who signed the document of unconditional surrender (Partition) in 1947.

When an OBVIOUS snub is given to the whole nation, when an act is seen in tune with HINDU BASHING ideology of the FIFTH COLUMN in a country, then a HIGHER POWER arises out of somewhere to FLATTEN THE WHOLE SYSTEM based on cowardice and Muslim appeasement.

If we, the PEOPLE OF BHARAT, do not uproot the evil then the EVIL WILL BURY US UNDER IT.

This is ONE brazen anti national act of "Muslim licking" debased Government of BJP that the nation will NOT forget or forgive.


In a message dated 30/08/2015 17:58:37 GMT Daylight Time, xxxxxxxxxx writes:

Perhaps the Government considered Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur as a Kaffir (infidel).

May have considered Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur as unfit to be honoured,

because he sacrificed his and his disciples life

for saving Hindu honour and life.

Now Delhi can be renamed as Islamabad.