Date: 04/09/2015


THE scenes of tens of thousands of migrants, mostly MEN and MUSLIM, is reminiscent of the times when Islam was nascent, in resurgence, advancing by sheer determination, fanaticism and weight of numbers through peaceful lands in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Countries like Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece, that were enslaved by the Turks, suffered persecution & brutality in slavery for centuries till they could liberate themselves.

The word �JEHAD� motivates millions of Muslims to be prepared to sacrifice everything in the name of Islam and use every conceivable tactic, trick and ruse, to advance their cause.

India in 1947 came under similar relentless pressure by the BULLIES till she gave in and agreed to surrender five provinces with Muslim majority to fundamentalist Islam. Millions were killed and millions more were forced to flee for safety.

Europe is witnessing the same ferocious onslaught for her LAND by a community that threw family planning aside in order to increase numbers to unsustainable levels. It is basically the same drive for LAND that the world ought to be well aware of. We can regard this as the SILENT INVASION of Europe for LAND. It is similar to, but in a very different form, from the NAZI invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, seeking �LEBENSRAUM�, that led to an all-out world war.

Christian Europe, having survived the fight against the NAZIS "by the skin of her teeth", is going under another ruthless intolerant Ideology that is even worse.

Pictures of the little boy on the beach in Turkey (September 3, 2015) are, indeed, heart rending. There was someone with the camera and the photo moved the world�s conscience. But the same evil that forced them to flee their home and undertake the perilous journey has through history killed countless little boys and raped even more little girls while slaughtering whole communities. Fundamentalist followers of Islam, from the moment of its origin, have been fighting and killing everyone else on earth. After all, this is how it spread from Mecca to Morocco in the West and to Indonesia in the East.

India has unique record of its unprecedented brutality towards the settled civilised natives. At her Partition in 1947 all limits of barbarity were crossed when millions were slaughtered in their homes, and while escaping. There were many little infants who drowned in rivers held in the arms of their young mothers trying to escape the murderous Muslim mobs in pursuit. There were fathers who killed their own daughters to save them from being raped by Muslim mobs. In the end the fathers, too, were killed. Trains brought only mutilated corpses to Amritsar railway station. There were no reporters with cameras!

In order to comprehend real Islam one had to be in the middle of mayhem and bloodshed created by the fundamentalist followers of Mohammed. Media did report on the beheading of Alan Henning, the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby and the plight of Kurds fleeing their homes, the Yazidis being massacred in their homes, the statues of Buddha being blown up in Afghanistan where women were executed by Taliban in the stadium, the destruction of ancient ruins and churches in Syria and, here at home, the bombs that killed innocent passengers on trains and buses and those killed in gruesome manner in New York on 11th. September 2001. But none has had the courage to speak out, �ISLAM IS THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN OF NAZI IDEOLOGY!� If Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews the followers of Mohammed want to exterminate all the Non Muslims on earth and then turn the guns on each other when there are no infidels left to slaughter!

That is what is happening in Middle East right now. Radical Muslims, for and against their dictators, have brought about the apocalyptic calamity upon everyone. How many can Europe receive and accommodate without the fear of recreating pockets of disgruntled radical Islam in Christian countries, too? Are we prepared for the mounting unrest, violence and destruction on permanent basis in our own cities?

There is something PERENNIAL in the conduct of Islam. It is the core of extremism in the contents of Koran itself that is perceived to be the Will and Word of Allah! Instead of saying, �Love all,� it says, �Proceed ruthlessly against (slaughter) the Christians, the Jews, the Pagans and the Non-believers!�

For countless centuries the word �Kafir� (Infidel) in the book has inspired and instigated the followers of Mohammed to kill and convert, causing settled communities to flee for life. All the gypsies in the world once lived in peace in Western India that was subjected to repeated Muslim invasions from Iran and Afghanistan. The second wave of refugees also came from India when millions were slaughtered or forced out of homes at Partition in 1947.

Now Muslims themselves, living in North Africa and the Middle East, are fleeing for life, heading towards peaceful Europe, expecting a welcome and a home. But let us ask, �WHICH Islamic country is prepared to receive and house the fleeing CHRISTIANS or the YAZIDIS, seeking safety?� Hindu refugees from �bleeding mutilated� India in 1947 could not seek refuge in any Islamic republic. They found safety only in Europe, Canada, the US, and Australia.

No wonder Her Majesty's Government and MI5 are spending so much money and there is even a Home Office Minister for Countering Terrorism. So, who are the terrorists in the United Kingdom? Let�s identify and name them!

Behind the two little boys and their mother who died while fleeing to freedom there is the indictment of Islam as a disturbing and unsettling force on earth that needs to be addressed just as the free world tackled Nazism.

What will Europe look like in a few decades� time when the current mayhem is long past and forgotten, and peace returns? Unfortunately we can foresee the negative turbulent impact of the Muslim community increasing EXPONENTIALLLY in this peaceful and prosperous Europe.

Are we not leaving it to our coming generations to sort it out?