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Responsibility lies with dictators, the kings of Middle East, Turkey, Central Asian states, North African states and Arab states whose conscious should be aroused for the well fed and well attired migrants. what about their conscious, what about conscious of terrorists, what about conscious of those who profess for eternal conflicts against every body. India has now total of 80 million migrants and all set up now to take on. This began initially as a trickle of rains but now it is like a torrential rain with a huge dam. This train will not stop now but will acquire strength in future which will certainly extinguish not only the conscious of Europe but will also take its life away.

This is a deliberate plan to take on Europe. A country like Turkey with comparatively huge land mass and population less than Germany can easily accommodate all migrants. They must be helped by UN to settle down in their native lands or at the most in their natural surroundings with familiar religious and social atmosphere. Not a single migrant is without decent clothes and are in robust health and are well fed and trained for tasks other than to pose as refugees. Central Asian sates are huge states and have extensive vacant lands to settle the migrants and refugees but there is no agenda for these states. The target is Europe at present. Countries like India are saturated and are for intrusion by its neighbours.





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I refer to your headline today, September 3, 2015, on page 1, "Plight of migrant children stirs Europe's conscience", and share the grief of mankind over this tragedy.

But there is the OTHER side. too, to this human tragedy. I mean the people who are creating hell and mayhem in those countries!

How much of a "conscience" do they have while killing the innocent, infants included, abducting and raping women, and burning down homes from where these wretched people have to flee to be safe?

Today is the anniversary of Britain going to war in 1939 against a fascist regime. She was soon joined by the whole world to crush the evil that was creating refugees by the million in central Europe. I appeal to the whole world to join once again to crush the evil at its very source and breeding grounds.

Yours truly

September 3, 2015.