Date: 05/09/2015

A good question you ask.
We think the answer is:

They do not go to any ISLAMIC country because NO Muslim country has VIRGINS for these Mujahids. All females are strictly in purdah and guarded with gun carrying brothers round the clock.

They are all heading for Europe, especially GERMANY, where there is great surplus of FEMALES all waiting to be embraced by young men of darker skin. That is where these desperate guys fit in so well.

Further, German brides will get them EU passports with which most will come easily to UK for the third wife (one in Pakistan or Somalia or Afghanistan, one in Germany and the third in UK). ALLAH ALLOWS THEM FOUR.

They will also come to UK since the German masters (slave drivers) are hard and tough, and work begins at half past six in the morning. There are more State benefits, free hospitals and easy working conditions in the UK. And there is the English language instead of the "hard-nut-to-crack" German language with its confusing THREE genders (der, das & die!)

Finally, Turkey is already a Muslim country. So they cannot practise their TABLEEGH (Conversion) and JEHAD as directed by Mohammed.

UK is best for converting the natives since their bishops are more busy with boys than with upholding Christianity.

If GIRLS were not on their minds then KAZAKHASTAN could offer them an acre each to live and till. The country is TWICE the size of Bharat and for miles one does not see another human!


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Kindly let us know why the Islamic country TURKEY is not the favourite destination of these Shariati Islamic Muslim migrant refugees.