Date: 05/09/2015

ACCEPTING ONE ABSURDITY will lead to unending list of ABSURDITIES till eternity.

Accepting Partition was an absurdity. If it was NOT an absurdity then all the Muslims, including this "Jenab Vice President" had to be sent off to their exclusive Homeland where by Constitution a Hindu is a KAFIR.

So now what to say, and how to comment on the absurdity of what this Mohammedan has said in HINDU India?

Please recall the terms of Partition: "INDIA WILL BE DIVIDED INTO MUSLIM PAKISTAN & HINDU INDIA."

Signed by Nehru, Jinnah & Gandhi, countersigned by Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Now the "mother of all absurdities is that this Muslim will NOT resign but stay put in his job!" He will be true to tradition. The Muslims in Agra and Aligarh who yelled the loudest for Pakistan did not moved there. They STAYED PUT with a poisonous eye for future!


PS: PARTITION was such a collapse (ABSURDITY) that Nehru did not tell Jinnah to appoint a HINDU Vice President. That is why MANY OF US wanted to shoot Nehru dead!