Date: 06/09/2015

Dear Mr. (MP),

I am directed by a Home Office site (Petitions) to write to you that I have signed the petition for "NO more Muslim migrants" into UK on the following grounds:-

Muslim culture, belief system and "way of life" (beheading, intolerance of non Muslims, terrorism, segregation of women) are at complete odds with the Christian culture and "way of life" (Dignity & equality of women and tolerance towards all).

What they did in their Islamic frenzy (madness) to Drummer Lee Rigby, Peter Kassig (USA), James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, Harve Goudel (Fr.) Alan Henning, Daniel Pearl, Tomislav Salopek (Cro.), Coptic Egyptians, Ethiopian Christians, and what they did in USA on September 11, 2001, and what they are doing now in the ancient city of Palmyra cannot be totally ignored. They claim it was their ISLAMIC duty. http://search.aol.co.uk/aol/search?enabled_terms=&s_it=client97_searchbox-ac&q=palmyra+destruction

Islamic Pakistan is already declared a Terrorist State by the USA. Among these "gate crashing" crowds there were many Pakistanis who are not persecuted back home though the Pakistani Jews and Hindus are.

I am afraid that leopards do not change spots and these Muslim migrants will do in the UK (& EU) what they are doing in their own lands where they have "freedom of action & the ability to practise their Belief- unopposed, unhindered & freely."

Let us not "eat what we cannot digest", that is, let us not admit what we will not be able to manage, integrate or control later after they have settled down and enlarged the Islamic constituency in the UK (and across the EU).

Most of those going to Germany will eventually arrive here due to more benefits, families and friends already living here, easier & less regulated life style, and the English language. Hence what Germany is doing is incomprehensible. What is the guarantee that a few thousand that are allowed in by Britain now will not become half a million in a couple of years' time- and exponentially increasing?

I suggest that either we use our genius to destroy the ISIL and bring about stable governments in Irak, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya, or divert all this "swarm" (as the prime minister rightly said) towards Asia (Kazakhastan, Siberia, Saudi Arabia) and Africa (Congo, North Sudan, Somalia, even Egypt and Sindh, Pakistan) where they belong. Is it not revealing that countries like Saudi Arabia & the Emirates have not taken a single Muslim migrant!

Following the Australian example EU can send them all to a small island near Scotland or in the Pacific Ocean.

Allowing them in like Germany will bring tensions in social equilibrium in this country and can destroy the peace that people have been enjoying since World War 2.

Those who recall the British receiving the persecuted Jews, Huguenots, Hungarians and Indians (East Africa) in the past forget that they were NOT Muslim! It is the first time in European history when a MILLION Muslims (at least) are knocking on the door- and gaining entry! It seems the sheep are letting in the wolf! How wise is it, to let young Muslim men from over 50 countries in, without any security check and screening, or search?

Are we going to spend a LOT MORE on controlling/eradicating Islamic terrorism than what we are already spending now?

I pray to HM's Government to realise that in strategic historic context a silent INVASION of Christian Europe is taking place right now on an unprecedented (massive) scale with foreseeable negative consequences for secularism, democracy, women's safety and Christianity. How many of these single men taking local girls as wives will bring up their children as Christians?

Already Europe's immigration system, laws and controls have been "blasted" so easily by the uncontrollable advancing mobs. It shows that while decent individuals face insurmountable problems to gain entry into UK, massed crowds, yelling "Allah Hu Akbar", can breach the barriers, defences and fences easily, bypassing the security forces!

EU has shocked and given much worry & sense of insecurity to those who fled their countries back home due to massacres and attacks by the Muslims, that is, Hindus due to massacres at Partition and the Coptic Christians, Yazidis and the Jews.

Strategically speaking the West seems to be weak and embarrassed "pigmies" letting in the "ELEPHANT" called Global Islam. What will happen if some time in the future it goes mad or out of control?

Our comprehension of Global Islam (sans frontiers) and its inherent zeal and fervour for "JEHAD" (killing & grabbing LAND) seems totally inadequate.

EU has let down countries like HUNGARY who were only trying to uphold EU border controls and rules. Only leaders of Hungary and Slovakia have mentioned the word "Muslim". I salute their guts and courage to call a spade a spade.

Our good hearts should reach out to those who will integrate well here, contribute to economic prosperity and strengthen our armed forces to defend our people, land and way of life.



06 Sep 15