"Aa Sher, Mere Ghar Aa aur Mujhe kha!"

Date: 07/09/2015

Sir, you have great sense of humour. The title chosen below (in red) merits a national award in excellence for appropriateness.

We wish to give it widest publicity (spotlight on title, though rest is equally important!) to make everyone have a laugh.


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"Aa Sher, Mere Ghar Aa aur Mujhe kha!" - European X'ian countries.


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Oil-rich Muslim countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE & Bahrain) have refused to take any refugees from Syria. Yet, Western & other countries are being criticised for not welcoming Syrian refugees. This is the REAL face of this "pure" religion.

Mother India needs genuine true "secular" leaders like Narendra Modi to survive. Pseudo-secularists like Nehru-Gandhi dynasty will allow Mother India to be destroyed by Owaisi-Bukhari-&-their coreligionists.