Date: 08/09/2015

Dear Ones:

The fact is that 99% of terrorists are the one associated with Koran/Islam. Although, many musilm countries are keeping a good lid on the proliferation of Islamic terrorism but few like Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, etc are the leading country in creating human bomb and sending them to UK, France, Germany and from there to USA.

More refugees from these Islamic nations, are entering into the civilized non-Islamic countries and that is a real danger. Politicians in UK, France, Germany and USA, rule their country under pressure of liberal medias who keep showing the pictures of injured, dead and terrified children. This has become the worst weapon against non-muslims. In the name of fairness, the liberal medias are in fact participating in future beheadings and mass killings of innocent non-muslims living in civilized countries. How many reporters from UK & USA are reporting this news: