Jihadis among refugees

Date: 10/09/2015

Jihadis among refugees

After playing with lives of millions without a concern all through colonialism and during the waning days of it, Europe is now facing colonialism of its own through different means by massive influx of Moslems from middle east. Dr. Taslima Nasreen pointed out the persecution of Hindus in Islamic Bangladesh does not come from the Government as such, which was usually the case in the past-e g: Nazi, Communist regimes. But it comes from participation of large community of Moslems in Bangladesh. Very neighbor puts fire to Hindu home next door during the night. In the morning he comes tut tutting the tongue expressing hollow words of sympathy to the victims. Similarly it was not any dictator like Saddam Hussain or Syria's Assad who caused this exodus but rise of Islamic Caliphate that is sponsored by many Sunni Arab states, notably Saudi Arabia. Some in the West too lent a helping hand through attacking Assad regime because of his human right violations thus supporting the rebels. These rebels are not exactly interested in bringing a Jeffersonian Democracy to Syria or other parts of Middle East, but their hardened resolve was to establish a honest down to earth Sharia regime that is purer than even that of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Ironically though committed to bring Shariat rule, both Islamic states , Saudi and Pak are not exactly comfortable with ISIS.

We still do not know what the strategy of Obama administration to 'degrade' ISIS, however despite attempts to do so off and on, ISIS has grown by leaps and bounds according to US intelligence sources. ISIS is not satisfied with just holding what it already has, but has clear cut ideas and plans to expand its influence fully utilizing the talents of useful idiots spread through out Europe , India and other non-Moslem states in the world. Its tactics are yielding success in European sector just as it was in middle east. Unlike using old fashioned invasions by armies utilizing traitors and saboteurs in target lands to be won over to Shariat side, the tactic of massive exodus of large numbers of Moslem masses who will be housed, fed and even paid by non-Islamic European countries which are still suffering from guilt complex borne out of their past misdeeds during previous centuries, seem to be working. And then there may be external pressure on European Union , pressing on the tiny nations to take more and more of massive numbers of Moslems coming in as refugees from areas where Jihad is in full swing. If they have arrived in any other way, say with armies like Abdul Rehman leading Moor army did in 8th Century CE , Europe with its far superior military might was more than an equal to meet the challenge of Jihadis. Now they are stymied. Leaders like President of European Union , President of Free World , Prime Ministers along with UN are all urging Europe to take more and more Moslems without any thought given to consequences like growth of Jihad from rich pool of potential recruits from within.

Already openly Jihad is advocated, you saw pictures of 'refugees' wearing T shirts with a message, 'Fear for Your Wife' or another showing sign of cutting the throat, halal way. Certainly Europe is not new to receiving refugees . Much like US where nation grew out of immigrants who fled oppression , Europe in its turn too had similar story. Many Germanic tribes fled to British isles and then denuded the place of natives the Druids, as well as during Napoleonic wars, during world wars I and II Europe saw massive migrations from one place to another and then there were Jewish migrants during their diaspora.

Such history parallels that of India which too gave shelter to fleeing victims of oppression, Jews, Zoroastrians, Muslims in the past and recently to Tibetans. What happened to India, what is happening now from Jihadis should serve as a warning to Europe as to what to expect from increasing numbers of Moslems . Though majority of Moslems in India are native born, share same lineage as the rest of India, still once percentage exceeded double digits trouble started. In US the percentage is much less, and already there are clear indications of further trouble brewing apart from what already happened that included 9/11 . Europe too experienced Jihad along with far away Australia with even far less numbers in percentage, Canada is no exception either in suffering from Jihad.

So it will be prudent to distinguish current Islamic migrants from previous migrations to Europe . Otherwise sooner rather than later these European gullible states will be talking about degrading Islamic States right with in their frontiers rather than in far away Iraq-Syria region. Of course first they will have to come up with a strategy which by that time Obama administration will have it ready and they can borrow it.

Considering past and present history some steps suggest themselves for European Union.

1. Do not allow mushrooming of Madrassas, Mosques and fire breathing Mullahs. Any Mullah telling the flock Koran or Hadith is to be followed rather than the respective country's constitutions, should be expelled. This is not any radical Islamo-phobic idea. Enlightened Muslim leaders have followed this before and it was only during those periods, world saw positive contributions to civilization. In 10th century CE, Khalif Maymun, son of Khalif Harun Al Rashid, publicly had Mullahs whipped preaching such sermons. He invited Professors from Hindu India, pagan Greece and other parts of civilized world to teach Arabs.

Caliph Abdullah Al-Maymun and -The legacy of the Bayt al-Hikma.

Caliph Al-Maymun succeeded Al-Rashid. He was even fonder of learning, and expanded the role of the Bayt al-Hikma. He added an observatory (to watch the stars), and promoted research in mathematics and chemistry. At that time, some of the great scientists who worked there were Al-Khwarizmi, Al-Kindi and the Banu Musa Brothers.
The House of Wisdom became one of the world’s most important centres of learning in the following centuries. Its libraries contained the works of Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Euclid, Plotinus, Galen, Sushruta, Charaka, Aryabhata, Socrates and Brahmagupta.
The House of Wisdom was sadly destroyed in 1258 by the Mongols, who had invaded Baghdad.

Than there was the Mughal Akbar highly venerated by seculars. He too like the Caliph above punished Mullahs preaching Shariat rule. He had many such Mullahs bound , sent to Kabul to be sold as slaves in bazars. He even started a new religion, Din E Ilahi which ended when he was gone.

The Mullahs lied low during those periods but once those times were over, they declared the enlightened rulers either as Munafiquin, or hypocrites or apostates. At the same time however the Islamic fanatics are careful to claim the glory of being teachers to the Europe dispelling the dark ages which happened only when Shariat rule was officially under ban.

In recent times, there is Kemal Ata Turk who like that Khalif banned Shariat law and introduced Swiss law in Turkey. Turkey made great progress with him at the helm. Here too duplicity ought to be noted indulged by fanatic elements . India paid a heavy price for supporting the Khilafat movement . It was a demand to restore Caliphate abolished by Ata Turk . Much blood of Hindus though supported the movement as directed by M K Gandhi, was spilled by Moplahs in Malabar especially. But when same Ata Turk became a strong man holding reins of power , same Islamists who opposed him for abolishing their dear Caliphate, without second thought turned towards him, hailing him and inviting him to take over India. It did not happen but the dreams of Islamists did not vanish, so they used to garland radio sets in India when ever Lahore radio station in Pakistan broadcast advance of Pak troops into India at start of 1965 war. However Ayub Khan and Pakistan both disappointed secular Moslems . As you know secularism in India means you must uphold Shariat.

Wars in 1971 and failure of Pakistan to make any gains in Kargil , all helped many in India to realize futility of waiting with garlands to welcome Pakistan, much as Communists in Bengal were disappointed in Calcutta waiting to welcome their comrades from China in 1962.

None of the European nations are strong like India which withstood such challenges. This statement may look odd considering the long history of subjugation India suffered. But it is true. In boxing, it is not how many times the contender for the title falls down that determines victory but one who gets up again and again, finally knocking out the adversary can claim the crown. India did just that time and again, from Alexander to Musharraf, in descending order of powerful enemies for India . Even in 1947, India would have emerged unbroken but for sabotage at highest level by those leaders who were implicitly trusted by innocent people of India. Nevertheless even after partition, the truncated India is still leaps ahead of Islamic State that came into existence in same year of 1947. India now is well on way to emerge as world class developed nation and a power to reckon with. Can any of European States, be it France, England or even Germany let alone tiny ones like Holland , Belgium , Liechtenstein et al will be able to meet the emerging challenges from right with in their frontier from Jihadi forces ? Let alone India, there is not state like Israel in Europe.

End of history was seen by Francis Fukuyama in 1992 with end of Cold war. However it did not happen, the end of Cold war led to beginning of Clash of Civilizations which was predicted in about the same period, 1992-93 by Samuel Huntington who saw bloody borders of Islam, now these borders are extending to Europe , far from long standing edges, rims of Arabia let alone Hindusthan peninsula. India may have to give a thought as to what if Pakistan tried same tactic of demographic invasion ? Of course this is already going on in dribbles and trickles with subjhuta express and so on many not going back to Pakistan, but current European 'migration' opens altogether a new and improved method of invasion.

Humanity thus is now witnessing beginning of new chapter in history , Islam vs rest of the world. How it will end , may be , that is hopefully be seen soon.

Enclosed please see several articles by different writers, I and you may or may not agree with any or all of them. However they will be matter of interest and are current as well as thought provoking. Please do study if not all , at least some of them.

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Islamic State jihadis caught crossing into Europe posing as refugees

Five men arrested attempting to cross the Bulgarian-Macedonian border with decapitation videos and Islamic State propaganda on their phones. The terrorist suspects had been posing as refugees.
UKIP leader Nigel Farage warned: “I fear we face a direct threat to our civilisation if we allow large numbers of people from that war torn region into Europe.”
The Obama-caused Muslim migrant apocalypse continues its assault on Europe.
“Islamic State terrorists caught crossing into Europe posing as refugees,” by Liam Deacon, Breitbart News, September 1, 2015:
Five men have been arrested as they attempted to cross the Bulgarian-Macedonian border with decapitation videos and Islamic State propaganda on their phones. The terrorist suspects had been posing as refugees.
Of course Saudi Arabia is lending a helping hand, no not be taking any fellow Moslem refugees, but offering to build mosques in Europe.

Can't oil rich Saudis and other Arab states provide at least some water and food to poor suffering refugees fleeing war torn Syria , Iraq etc ?
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