Date: 18/04/2013

Why is this "historic Rama temple" crying?
Why is this temple dilapidated, neglected and deserted?
Is it in Libya, Eritrea, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Malawi or Pakistan, or in Hindusthan?

Dear all,
Individual Hindu is very clever, smart, devoted and committed to his religion but when ONE BILLION of us link hands we all seem to turn into DUST.
That is why we could never defend our country, leave aside go out and capture one!
Our own Hindu nation has not seen a day of sovereignty & glory since 1192 AD. First we were SLAVES, now we are SECULAR!

On the other hand we saw that individual Muslim was literally "nothing" but when they LINKED HANDS they became a formidable FORCE to defeaet our great nation, spiritually KILL Gandhi, hoodwink barrister Nehru and snatch five provinces in a day to establish Islamic PAKISTAN.

Individually, we Hindus can neither defend our fellow Hindus in South Kashmir nor in East Bengal.

The same weakness through disunity is reflected in the Constitution of Hindusthan that has gone "secular" in order not to write the word "Hindu".

Did NEHRU have the mandate to surrender our TERRITORY to Islam when he himself imposed his bogus Secularism on the Hindus alone?

Today we have become weak as Secular due to great sinister Design to finish off the Hindus in South Asia.

Only due to Secularism, the COMBINED Will of one billion Hindus can neither raise the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya nor challenge that bogus Partition that was the first step towards Islamic occupation of Delhi.

It is, indeed, the Constitution of "Bhangis" that honours the Muslim but ignores (insults) the Hindu.

One word about the invisible secret "nuclear bomb" called Secularism in Hindusthan. It is important for those who shun the word "Hindu" but prefer the word "secular" to understand that "Secularism is the ideal thing for all the sheep on earth if there were no wolves." YES, to repeat: "Secularism is the ideal thing for all the sheep on earth if there were no wolves."

What are VHP and Hindu Mahasabha doing to comprehend this? What is every Hindu doing to understand this?

18 Apr 2013.

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Historic Rama temple cries for attention