Date: 12/09/2015


Although God is called Merciful, He also PUNISHES evil people for their crimes.

One proof was the crane accident in the grand mosque in Mecca yesterday (September 11, 2015) that KILLED at least 100 and wounded about 200 pilgrims who had come for Hajj. The date is significant: 11 September 2015.

Exactly 14 years ago 19 young men, all belonging to Saudi Arabia crashed their passenger-laden planes into World Trade Centre Towers in New York. Over 3,000 INNOCENT people died, cursing their killers.

Amazing. Mere coincidence of date, or the Law of Divine Retribution?

Another example: The historic misdeed was the mutilation of India in 1947 when our Muslim fellow citizens slaughtered about two million INNOCENT Hindus. We heard about God's revenge from a Pakistani's friend who is now living in England. He was caught being illegal immigrant and brought before a judge.

The judge ordered his deportation back to Pakistan whereupon the Pakistani cried for mercy saying, "Please do NOT send me to HELL. Better kill me here!"

What more punishment could God give to the traitors who cut and chopped the land of their own birth?

The whole of Pakistan resembles HELL now though not even 70 years have passed since their High Treason!

Millions of Muslims are fleeing their ISLAMIC lands
right now, begging to be let in EU for safety and food. What caused their exodus? Again the reason is their treatment of YAZIDI and Christian men and women in Syria and Irak and the beheading of innocent hostages by Isil, the beastly followers of Mohammed. Please watch on television the scenes of these MILLIONS fleeing across Europe!

Moral: Do not hurt anybody's feelings. God is watching. Retribution will come, sooner or later! And God Almighty did not spare even the grand mosque of Mecca from death and destruction!

12 Sep 15