India needs an honest dictator

Date: 12/09/2015

India needs an honest dictator

No proud Bharatiya Hindu will ever like to call his own fellow Hindus in India that they have been losing their Bharatiyata day by day. I am saying this with great pain but some one has to say it. I grew up in a poor community. My parents worked very hard to send their children to school. We all attended public schools and thank God latter all of us found a decent life. Many of my childhood friends couldn't attend school but good guidance made them entrepreneur. Even one of my classmate from untouchable class started band business and was successful. However, most youth in the same area today are collecting fake degree and asking government to give them job, they hardly know how to communicate in Hindi needless to say in English. They come from all different caste & creed with one common desire to find easy money to live an easy life. Majority of Indians born in and around 1970s didn't have good teachers hence never received good coaching in science, math and history, etc. This has resulted in mediocre India. Although some found their way to success, it is the mediocre who are politicians of todays Indian.

Nehruvians have ruined the education system of India. The society forgot to teach their youth about etiquette & respect to elders. The youth in villages and small towns are wandering hopelessly. Modi has talked about them before election and more often after becoming PM, but hardly anything is done. In a country like India where youth between 25 & 35 are wandering aimlessly, what kind of democracy is going to flourish? The rich are getting richer and poor are hopeless. Under the circumstances only a sound dictator who is truly a believer in "Hind Way of Life", never was a politician but an honest man with wisdom, might succeed. I hate to say that person is not Narendra Modi.


September 12, 2015