Date: 18/09/2015

Merkel greeted as a traitor with massive booing
Chancellor Merkel was confronted by Germans as a a traitor, she was not able to spew out her usual lies and hatred as her speech was drowned in booing by patriotic Germans.
-What does Angela Merkel expect? applause and thanks for totally betraying the German people? ALL White Europeans must UNITE against this TYRANNY. Merkel is another candidate for the gallows. Hang her for TREASON.
-Merkel and all the other leaders, the EU and UN, are directly responsible for this chaos and dissent, due to their treasonous policies, and for not holding to account the OIC which represents the 57 islamic countries whom should be forced to deal with their own problems and people.
-nobody in europe wants this fucking muslim animals (sic), european community is trying to kill europe white people because of money and business, we must start fighting all together, everybody, germans, spanish, french, italian all together with east european countries….
-Germany was trying so hard to avoid becoming the old Nazi Germany again... but Merkel letting all these illegal moslem immigrants around the world into Germany just made it Inevitable of them become on what they feared the most. It will be either a Nazi Germany or a Islamofascist state. Something has to give.
-will she apologize when the islamists in the german midst start blowing up innocent men, women and kids? i doubt it
-They should be glad people didn't throw rocks at them like the illegals did to Hungarian police.
-Merkel greeted as a traitor with massive booing
-her usual lies and hatred as her speech was drowned in booing by patriotic Germans.
-next time throw this traitor with tomatoes or eggs!
- Booing is a good start. But spontaneous storming of the scene and lynching of the traitor is better.
-Plastic explosives would be better. Or just a bullet. And instead of throwing, fire it from a gun.
-I've never been so happy to see a crowd of angry germans.
-Indeed hahaha normally it scares me hahaha but now i'm very happy.
-This is the best news I've seen in a long while. I thought Europe was doomed, but there is a small glimmer of hope... perhaps...
-crowds should throw rotten tomatoes at is harmless but gets the point driven home!