Date: 22/09/2015


Throughout history one side has invaded the other for LAND, GOLD and/or WOMEN.

Those who increase their numbers rapidly by having multi wives and vastly large number of children will soon find their populations “bursting at the seams”. Muslims have had the ambition of “subjugating” the world since the time of Mohammed who encouraged very HIGH birth rate to boost the strength of his armies. He not only allowed them up to FOUR wives each but also encouraged his fighters to distribute the women of the slain Christians, Jews and Infidels among them! This is exactly what the Isil (Islamic State) are doing in Irak and Syria today!

However, unlike the previous centuries when the invaders could conquer country after country in one mighty push, today the Muslims are forced to think of other (unconventional) ways to occupy the others’ LAND. The weaker and “softer” the other country, the more often it will be invaded. Our Hindusthan is one such permanent prey of Islamic and Western predators.

We need to bear another fact in mind. To ensure success the invader has to be highly charged and motivated, and use SURPRISE.

Surprise is achieved when the victim is TAKEN unawares as the USA was on September 11, 2001. Before that the Americans were caught with their “pants down” by the Japanese Imperial Navy at Pearl Harbour.

With regard to “being surprised” perhaps Hindusthan holds world record. It is here that the enemy has been successful countless times since, it seems, that WE REFUSE TO LEARN ANY LESSON! It is part of this LETHAL CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY WITH THE DEVIL that the word “Partition” has become taboo! Hence that disgusting and dishonourable surrender of 1947 will NOT be the last defeat that Bharat suffered!

The Muslim invaders were experts in the use of SURPRISE, part of Islamic ”TAQYA”, i.e., lies and immorality are permissible to achieve one’s goal. Often when cornered, the Muslims swore by Koran (to behave) but broke their word within hours. They pushed the cows to the front to confuse the Hindu defenders (Regrettably, Hindus were never the invaders!). The other time they attacked at night when fighting was usually done between sunrise and sunset. Again, to our shame we never sent out spies to inform our rulers when Mohammed Bin Qasim, Mahmud of Ghazni , Babur or Ahmed Shah Abdali were preparing to march on Hindusthan.

The INDIAN Muslims surprised us on 23 March 1940 with their Pakistan Resolution and later Pakistan, barely a few days old, surprised Pandit Nehru by invading Kashmir. As if that was not enough even the Chinese “brothers” surprised our incompetent rulers by suddenly invading NEFA in 1962.

Now that the huge mass of Muslim migrants has caught Lady Europe “WITH HER KNICKERS DOWN”, using radically new tactics by thrusting forward in their hundreds of thousands, women and children included, Bharat has to think of SOUTH Kashmir where Hindus have already gone MISSING. (North Kashmir is already GONE!).

Therefore we end with earnest plea to Modiji, “Please abolish Article 370 from your Constitution since it gives such a powerful weapon to the enemy that they even do not need to use SURPRISE.


23 Sep 15.

PS: Real VICTORY is when the enemy is “smashed & destroyed” to the extent that he swears NEVER to raise his head again. That was the case with Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan in 1945. They never threatened or prepared for another war. In case of our Bharat we have yet to see a Victory after which either Pakistan or China swear, “never to attack or invade Bharat again!”