Date: 24/09/2015

Muslims from all over the world, including Pakistan and Bangladesh, whose forefathers were peace loving Hindus, gather at Mecca once a year to throw stones at a hill called Mina pretending to hit the Devil. The Devil has to be an immortal warrior who has survived relentless stoning for the last 1400 years and still appears every year to provoke and taunt the followers of Mohammed, “You dare!”
As the MORONS believe, there are only a few hours on a couple of days in the year when the Devil shows up and this “stoning” can be done. This causes big rush, stampedes and panic. People are crushed under the feet of the others and suffocate to death, gasping for breath.
The gullible comfort themselves by saying, “To die at Mina is to enter Paradise while the other way to get to Heaven is to die while killing the defiant Kafirs.”
Today (24 September 2015) there was an unprecedented mad rush for stoning the Devil. It resulted in a stampede and the death of more than 310 pilgrims and injury to 450.
Although Islam claims to be free of superstitions we see a few obvious ones. Guru Nanak Devji went to Mecca to emphasize the fact that God is EVERYWHERE and the Muslims did not have to face in the direction of Mecca while praying. But did they see reason? Did they listen? Did they learn? NO, NOT AT ALL!
On that day, SIX HUNDRED YEARS AGO, the free world saw that the Muslims are INCORRITGIBLE and cannot step out of the “Burka of JEHALIYA” (superstitious darkness). They may live in Hindusthan, Australia, Canada or the United States, they still must face Mecca while praying.
We feel sad for our former fellow citizens, the Pakistanis and the Bogusdeshis who left our secular, sensible and civilised Bharat in 1947 for Jinnah’s “Jehalaya”, that makes them turn their backs on Sri Nankana Sahib, Mathura and Ayodhya, but to face Mecca in the Desert while praying and scheming to hurt the Hindus in Srinagar and West Bengal.
On 11 September 2015 (the anniversary of Nine Eleven attack on USA in 2001), a giant crane fell on the Grand Mosque in Mecca, killing 118 people and injuring 394. Was it not a “SLAP” from God to desist from the hatred of non Muslims?
How does God speak to us? He does so in His mysterious ways that sometimes are so obvious like today’s deaths of hundreds of “Believers” in the ignominious stampede in Mecca.
Will the INDIAN Muslims learn any lesson and do the honourable, sensible and logical thing called “ghar wapsi”?
We will see if next year again they travel to Mecca for Hajj and throw stones, like an infant, at the immortal Devil who has survived stoning in the last 1400 years, and will live for ever! It so happens that the Devil is peace loving “saint” since he never even once picked up a “Believer” and swallowed him whole like the grisly bears do to salmon fish in Canada!
In the typical style & manner of the great reformer, Guru Nanak Devji, we will say today (in the hindsight of their bestial attack on our United India in 1947), “O Musalman, Baiman, Shaitan, Haiwan, THE DEVIL IS INSIDE YOU, NOT OUTSIDE!”

24 Sep 15