Date: 05/10/2015


Bharat, also known as Hindusthan, belongs to everybody, each one of us, especially each and every HINDU. (We saw the Muslims’ loyalty in 1947 when they suddenly BULLIED our top leaders, Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Radakrishnan, Morarji Desai, Rajendra Prasad and so on, to capture one third of India, in the DARKEST night in a thousand years, to create their exclusive Islamic homeland “Pakistan”).

That things did not go right on August 15, 1947, is clear from the subsequent exploitation, mismanagement and plunder under Nehru and his Dynasty that successfully deceived the nation and played the charade of democracy to fool everybody. In which democracy do we see the prime minister’s chair going down to son or daughter of the ruler?

It became evident to many of us that Indian democracy and secularism were a gigantic fraud on the nation. Many patriots realized that the country was sinking rapidly in the quagmire of corruption, nepotism and “Hindu bashing”. Every projection into the future led us to the vision of eventual doom.

It was then that several discussion lists, like this one, started to give vent to our feelings, earnestly trying to rescue (and save) Bharat from the clutches of our own rulers whose interests and ideology were diametrically opposite to our own. Glaring examples were the defamation of Netaji Bose, the illustrious son of Bharat, while backing ‘low life’ despicable stooges like Mamta Banerji, a convert to Islam.

In due course of time more and more patriots joined in, each taking up a particular aspect of life that needs change or reform, and that is close to their hearts. Here are some of the issues, confronted or raised, by esteemed patriots on this discussion list so far:

1. That bogus Partition (without a condition or referendum) ought to be re-negotiated.

2. Misdeeds of Nehru Dynasty ought to be fully exposed and officially condemned.

3. To look into Nehru’s secret motivation to order our ADVANCING army in J & K State to cease fire and stop recovering our own territory, thus covering themselves in the “ignominious muck of frustration”. It must be mentioned that the SAME Indian army, under British command, had fought (until only two years before!) in all the theatres of World War 1 and World War 2, without ever ceasing fire even for one day!

4. Legitimacy of Article 370 in Constitution that accepts J & K State having SPECIAL and SEPARATE status.

5. Urgent need to ensure safety of all the Pandits (Hindus) and their families in their own homes in SRINAGAR.

6. Investigations into all the scams and corruption cases starting with indictment of late Rajiv Gandhi for accepting $50 million as commission from the Bofors Gun Company in Sweden. A “GUILTY” verdict is long overdue. Unless the verdict is made public Bharat will remain under the shadow of cowardice.

7. (a) Trial of Sonia Maino Gandhi for keeping illegal FOREIGN bank accounts. (b) Trial of the timid and compromising Chief of Internal Security at the time when she took up residence in the Prime Minister’s house without obtaining security clearance or prior vetting. In a decent democracy Law treats the rulers and the ruled EQUALLY.

8. Revision of the EDUCTION system and syllabus that was introduced by the first EDUCATION MINISTER Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, a die-hard MUSLIM- and within days of Mutilation of India by Indian Muslims. The “sanitization” of Bharat’s history was started by that fundamentalist Muslim. We used to see the MORON sitting closer to Nehru than any highly educated scholarly Hindu in Hindusthan!

9. End to the rule of “Babus”, a relic of the colonial era when the White Sahib needed a native pen pusher to communicate with the suppressed and ignorant natives. Today that “fossilised” (“deep frozen”) system of administration is acting as a big BRAKE on Bharat’s rapid development and is the cause of excruciating frustration of tens of millions of citizens of Bharat. It will not be wrong to say that Baboos have destroyed the spirit of adventure and initiative of the most intelligent and ambitious Hindus.

10. Acknowledging the NRIs living abroad to be a valuable extension of the Bharatiya population living at home. It was due to their (NRIs’) strong backing for BJP that brought Mr Modi to power in May 2014. Therefore, in recognition of that, and acknowledging their knowledge, experience and expertise gained abroad, we suggest that at least five patriotic NRI’s should be appointed to Rajya Sabha as members to contribute to the progress of Bharat.

11. Anyone born in Bharat should have an irrevocable citizenship of Bharat. Sonia Gandhi, the President of All-India Congress Party (Party of Partition!) possesses the ITALIAN citizenship for all her life. So, what is “amrit” for the Italians cannot be poison for the Indians!

12. As a corollary to the above, all those born in Bharat should be allowed to travel to, and from, Bharat without having to apply, or pay, for visa. How lucky are the UK passport holders who can travel FREELY to all the 28 sovereign countries in Europe and also to UKRAINE, formerly in the Soviet Union. Yet someone BORN IN INDIA, who calls her “Bharat Mata” (Mother India) must pay nearly £100 for the privilege of obtaining the visa totravel to India! What a joy this must give to Pakistanis and Bangladeshis!

13. Prestige and image of the armed forces should be raised in public eye, defying Mr Gandhi’s view of them as “men trained for violence”!
Esteemed readers are sincerely invited to suggest further issues that they wish to be “sorted out” at the earliest if Bharat is to rank among the leading nations on earth.

October 5, 2015.