Date: 19/04/2013

Please first make the HINDUS warriors like the followers of Guru Gobind Singhji. Only then will the "Government of India" listen to the Hindus.

Right now the G o I is nothing but a despicable bunch of corrupt "cows, goats, baboons and rascals" who treat the Hindus as ANIMALS, not human beings.

Before Partition someone asked JL NEHRU to hold Referendum over the issue of PARTITION. Nehru replied, "WHO CONSULTS THE ANIMALS?"

It's a pity that the Hindu LEADERS do not tell their followers as to what this Government of Dynasty and Congress Party think of the Hindus. To them Ramsethu and Ayodhya Temple are nothing but nuisance!


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It is a matter of utmost concern to us that Government of India has ignored oft-repeated warnings and rejected findings of prime minister - appointed R. K. Pachauri panel report, and instead wants to pursue the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project.