Date: 15/10/2015

MK Gandhi who caused more sufferings to Hindus than any one else in the modern history of India, was not only called Mahatma but Father of the Nation. JK Nehru was crook but given crown of being Uncle of the nation. Indira Gandhi was murderer but called Durga. Rajiv Gandhi being corrupt himself received crown of Builder of modern India. Sonia Gandhi, most corrupt politician has been called Savior of India. No wonder chief justice of India, Markandey Katju declared 95% of Indian population "stupids". When this is going to stop?

With due respect to all and Shri Rajiv Malhotra ji, please do find time to learn what you don't know but stop being submissive to those who knows little more than yourself. Rajivji dedicated his time in learning theory as well as practical. He has been inspiring every one to do their best efforts, not inviting any one to be submissive to him.