Date: 21/10/2015

secularism is religion of islamic appeasement for their votes.it continues because our hindu leaders today mohan bhagwat of rss and togadia of vhp are cowards. were always.

Excellent write ups by patriots (below) that needs to be re-read.

None did WORSE harm to Bharat in reducing our country's size by one third and delivering millions of innocent Hindus, who were looking forward to "glow of freedom", to their death and destruction than Nehru. He was not a democrat at all since he openly groomed his daughter for his chair.

Indira, too, true to father's fraud and dishonesty, and sharing his hatred of everything Indian including religion, converted to Islam but successfully hid her real name MAIMOONA BEGUM from public- thanks to Indian COOLIE PRESS who adore anything non Indian, non Hindu. At this time they are busy maligning Shri Modi, the upright and honest prime minister in 67 years.

With regard to murder of that provocative "s.o.Mohammed" it should be mentioned loud and clear that people behave in accordance with the culture customs and traditions of a country they are in. Everyone does so. In Saudi Arabia NO Hindu can possess a copy of Gita. In Pakistan they will behead the Christian who orders a PORK PIE in a restaurant.

But it is only in Bharat that the foreigners can not only disregard but INSULT the majority community. Where does the fault lie?

The fault lies with the HINDUS who dare not question out of politeness or cowardice. WE LACK THE COURAGE TO QUESTION. If we do not question then the other party considers their actions correct or "in order" and justified. By questioning we acquire a superior posture while pushing the opponent into the corner.

Here are some examples of questions that will most certainly give a lot to the Muslims to think about. and behave. before a Hindu.

1. What are YOU doing in Hindusthan after Partition?
2. You insist on having your Babri mosque. How would you feel if an invader sacked Arabia and demolished Ka'aba? Would you wish it to remain ruins for centuries?
3. You want to eat beef in Bharat. Can I eat pork in Saudi Arabia or even in your Pakistan? (Theoretically ALL Indian Muslims belong to Pakistan! That was the basis of Partition that we all seem to forget!)
4. You object to a Hindu actor playing love scene with a Muslim actress. Why, O why, do you think that the Hindus have no pride or sense of honour to tolerate this arrangement?
5. You seduced a Hindu girl, married her and promptly made her produce more Mohammeds and Fatimas. You believe it is all right!
But what is wrong if a Hindu falls in love with a Musalmaanee and marries her? Why does your a** catch fire?
6. Why do you think it is proper to confine your own girls to home while you wish to flirt with the non Muslim girls freely?

7. If you cannot live in peace in countries where Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or Christians are a MAJORITY then why do you think that the Non Muslims are happy to live in your ISLAMIC republics with their rights curtailed and their girls an easy prey to Mohammedan predators and rascals?

Esteemed readers can think of dozens of more question that one can ask a Mohammedan with perfect logic and truth. So WHY SPARE THE MORONS? How will they improve or become civilised if no one asks them QUESTIONS out of politeness or COWARDICE?

By not asking questions we encourage them to believe that they are right to do Jehad by which they can kill, abduct, rape and even sell girls and women like objects. Why should the rest of the world love the primitive, crude and barbaric way the Arabs (Mohammed's clan) lived in 7th century AD in the desert of Arabia?

By sealing our lips on that horrendous PARTITION the Hindus have done more harm to our nation and "dharti" (territory) than we can imagine. So, it is time to ask the FINAL question- in the presence of all the Muslims on earth- "WHY WAS INDIA PARTITIONED IF THE MUSLIMS COULD ALSO LIVE HAPPILY IN HINDUSTHAN AND EAT BEEF?"


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This article aptly says that the Indian Secularism is incestuous with Islam.
That is to say that it cohabits with Islam.

In that sense, Nehru, the father of Indian Secularism, was an action packed secularist.
He removed the Hindu Maharaja HariSingh from the throne of Kashmir
Iinstalled the Muslim Nizam as the RajPramukh of the Hyderabad State.
As everyone knows the Sardar Patel used to call him THE ONLY NATIONALIST MUSLIM IN INDIA.
The late Varsha Bhosle, daughter of Asha, had identified one more category and called it " Pinko_Islamists ".

She went on to demonstrate that it more dangerous than the Communists and Pan_Islamists.
Swami Shraddhanand used to save women from kidnapping and raping by Muslims and keep them in his Ashram in Mumbai. The Muslims that it was attack on their birth right.
A Muslim goon was assigned the task of murdering him.

After he did the sordid act and was caught by the Police, Gandhi called him " Mere Bhai " and moved heaven and earth to stop the law from taking its own course.

On the other hand the same Gandhi refused to put in a word for Sardar Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. He too had double standards.