Date: 23/10/2015

With relentless attacks by Putin's Russia many enthusiastic recruits to ISIS are fleeing pell mell,some dressed as women, after shaving their facial hair.

Apparently it is no longer fun to be in ISIS blasting to their heart content any ancient monument of Jahilia period or watching with glee while victims are tortured and put to demise, a sport indulged by both Jehangir and Shahjehan in India.

Jehangir's favorite was to have victim thrown to wild animals, his screams amused the emperor who also sent Guru Arjundev to martyrdom for refusing to become a Moslem.

Shahjehan sport was to have highly poisonous snakes bite the victim and watch him slowly fading in agony. And all such Mughals are hailed in text books of India for their giant contributions to composite culture and syncretism .

Now reports tell us that Putin is focused on capture of 'Jihadi John' a British citizen from Londonistan whose picture in face mask , sort of male burka, was widely publicized holding victims down before beheading them. Hope he gets caught.

Here is a picture of Jihadis in Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu where the Moslem dominant Muncipality
levied Jijiya on Hindus once. They were all eager to join ISIS. The effete Tamil Nadu government was no match to tackle them.

Why they should remain free ? Can't Central Government take action against these traitors who given a chance would exactly do in India to Hindus what ISIS has done to Yazidis in Iraq-Syria.

President Putin is ending ISIS or ISIL menace in Iraq-Syria, Let Narendra Modi led Government end the same menace in India.

India has far better things to do than to keep on appeasing radical Islam which India was made to do from Khilafat to partition and beyond to uphold detrimental burka secularism.