Date: 29/10/2015

Mysterious invasion by well fed and well dressed. Children require immediate help by UN because they cry and weep which is intolerable.

Conduct of European leaders is suspect. Entry to alien lands with silent invasion is not possible without complicity and extensive ground work by financers and strategic planners . A Head of State can not be made to compromise unless stakes are in billions of dollars for sure. Invasion can not be accepted without popular will and referendum and therefore acceptance of massive number of foreigners by any body, or a responsible leader doing it against the wishes of native people , then he or she must face a trial amounting to treason and treachery. Some European leaders have legitimized aliens in past and encouraged them to entrench their beliefs and customs by uttering words like quote " One has to live with it" ( loud speakers ). Their track records would show their their real intentions and their advisors screened and investigated for clandestine nexus.

No leader should be permitted to have a tenure more than five years. Extended tenure does not help but only results in hypnosis and sufferings for people. West European leaders are only digging graves for future kids of Europe. Syrian and Middle East crisis must be settled with both Assad and terrorists evicted and migrants happily returned to their homes unless Europeans urgently need the services of desirable sons in law keeping in view the rising trends of gender preferences and bestiality, a trend which has political acceptance again for mysterious designs.