Date: 03/11/2015



Because by their core belief the Mohammedans are INTOLERANT of non Muslims- because they DEGRADE women if a Muslim can marry, and keep, more than one wife at a time in his house.

When they are in their own “element” or, when in a majority, they are keen to convert or kill the non-Muslims and destroy the places and sacred objects of worship of the others.

QUESTION: How can any Buddhist country, e.g., MYANMAR, THAILAND, CHINA or JAPAN, feel happy seeing a Mohammed when the Muslims destroyed the two ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan, having wiped out the entire Buddhist population earlier, when they have changed the demography in BALTISTAN, GILGIT, CHITRAL & CHITTAGONG for worse where till recently the peace loving Buddhists were a majority?

How can any Hindu (except the one sharing the genes of MK Gandhi, brought up on “goat’s milk”) welcome the sight of a Mohammed when his own Muslim fellow citizens “mutilated” the country and killed MILLIONS of non-Muslims in 1947- when they threaten bloodshed and civil war if the ancient Temple at the birthplace of Sri Rama is re-built on its original spot?

How can a Christian feel happy seeing a Mohammed since the sudden and unprovoked attack on the USA in 2001, since the beheading of innocent British and American aid workers and since the indiscriminate massacre of Christians by Isil in Syria?

How can a Jew be happy who hears the threats to the very existence of Israel, the world’s only Jewish state whereas the world is expected to tolerate FIFTY Islamic republic on earth where the non-Muslims and women have inferior third class status?

So, how can the people of European Union feel safe and happy now, seeing hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants, MOSTLY MEN, landing on their shores day and night, after disregarding and “blasting” all the border checks and controls? Many see NIGHTMARE over the prospect of peace in Europe in a few decades’ time when these hordes of Muslim migrants settle down, reproduce millions more through non-Muslim local girls, and start doing what comes naturally to Mohammed?

To foresee the Europe of tomorrow, just see the terrorised PARTITONED INDIA of today, that fears a Muslim uprising, even civil war if the lid in put on Muslim appeasement by the State any time!

Most non-Muslims in PARTITIONED India fear for their future, having seen the working of the “Hindu bashing” Constitution of Bharat (disfigured and modified for Jammu & Kashmir State by its Article 370) as the SECULAR TRAP, that guarantees the fate of DELHI tomorrow to be like that of LAHORE and DHAKA yesterday.

The “fathers” of this Constitution- all despicable COWARDS, who had accepted the unconditional surrender of their Motherland (one third of India) to the fundamentalist ruthless indigenous Mohammedans a couple of years earlier, seemed too stunned & terrified by the sudden violent attack in 1947, and omitted the word “PARTITION” in it!

The other abominable surrender was to equate Hindusthan’s very own “sons & daughters of God” (gods and goddesses), Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Mahatma Buddha, Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singhji, and so on, with the “MOHAMMED OF DESERT”!

HOW WILL THE WORLD REACT to the rapid ISLAMISATION of the civilised EUROPE? (They will react as they did in 1947 to keep India UNITED & SECULAR, and the non-Muslims’ LIVES safe!)

WAY OUT: The source of Muslim’s INSPIRATION & MISCHIEF to commit acts of violence towards females and non-Muslims is the KORAN that, according to the MORONS, is literally the “Word of God”. So, according to their Book of Prayer, God Himself must detest pigs and HATE everyone who does not accept the “Mohammed of Desert” as his/her Prophet.

Hence the ‘sane & secular’ world (through UNO) must insist on the DELETION of the word “Kafir” (Infidel) and all the derogatory references to the non-Muslims from this book.

In addition, all those verses and statements that show women as inferior should also be deleted. Then, and only then, will girls and women not be abducted, raped and SOLD OFF any more by the “good” Muslims.

Till this happens, that is, the KORAN (the Book of discrimination, hatred and violence) IS REVISED, each and every Mohammedan (Musalmaan) must be regarded “Beimaan, Shaitaan, Haiwaan”. The whole FREE world (not just the Europeans) must understand this. The price of not doing so will be "mutilation" (partition) of Europe and yet another Partition of the (already) PARTITIONED India.


Please prove us wrong!


3 Nov 15.