Date: 15/11/2015

Please do not forget the sacrifice of those Hindus who were forced to run away from their ancestral properties in East Pakistan, now BanglaDesh , and seek asylum in the Hindu part of the United India.

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I was a pupil at DAV High School in Prahlad Puri (MULTAN). There was one Muslim pupil named Tasaddaq Hussain in my class, the rest were all Hindu. Towards the end of 1946 he became very excited and spoke of parting from the Kafirs and Infidels. “Why?” I asked him, “to break up the country and separate the Hindus from the Muslims after centuries of living together?”

“Hindus are exploiting the Muslims and have made us poor and at their mercy. They have been our slaves in the past and we cannot bear the thought of them ruling over us. There will be no Muslim left in India in 20 years’ time if we don’t have our own sovereign country,” he used to say. “But when we get Pakistan we will have all the natural resources of the land and the zeal of Islam to develop our country to the standard of France and England in 20 years’ time. Every Pakistani will have a house, running hot and cold water, western style toilets and plenty to eat.”

What he said, appealed to all the “JAAHILS” and they united as one man across the sub continent. Our Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was like real brother to Mohammed Ali Jinnah, a fellow barrister from London and the Muslim leader, who regarded himself superior and separate from the Hindus. It was fashionable in ruling circles then to befriend the Muslims and loathe the Hindus.

Nehru lived the life style of emperors and behaved and spoke like our British masters. He was neither for the Hindus nor for Hindusthan. It was quite obvious then but Imperial power and propaganda by media blinded us to reality and to what was about to take place.

What was noticeable was complete apathy of Hindus in Delhi and total ignorance of Hindus in UP, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. While the Muslims took out frenzied processions through towns and cities across northern India, provocatively shouting "Pakistan Zindabaad!", the Hindus remained placid, calm and in "Om Shanti Shanti" mode- unconcerned and mere onlookers. Not even the thought of impending massacres roused them to counter demonstrations. Many did not know what was going to happen to East Bengal and Sindh.

As the inter communal tensions grew, with the British watching the heat and "tamaasha" in safety from above, many Hindu families, feeling insecure and uncertain, thought of locking up their homes and going away to hills or relatives in Hindu majority States (Kangra hills and Hindu princely states being the favourite!) and then return to the new Islamic country to live in peace! How naïve and ignorant we were about the destructive Ideology of Islam! (Are we any better today?).

None thought that they would never return to their homes ever again.

The British rulers, knowing that Hindusthan could become a world power with all that land mass and natural resources, decided to fragment the sub continent. Thereby they served two causes. Firstly pushing our economic recovery by many decades. and secondly. creating a zone of hostility in South Asia in order to sell arms and weapons to us to remain at loggerheads for ever.

Nehru was Islam’s biggest asset in what he was to do further: He, along with "meekly go along" Mahatma/Bapu Gandhi, made sure that NO Muslim was asked to leave for his Pakistan and secondly he enacted a Constitution to enslave the Hindus again. Anyone who abused a Mohammed was to go to jail and spend the rest of his life there. Muslim had to be protected at all costs. Muslim became someone special. Muslim had to be pampered, pleased and appeased for the sake of peace in Hindusthan.

Further concessions were: never to mention PARTITION, never to hold any commemoration ceremony, never to designate a “Dhaka Memorial Day” or “Multan Memorial Day” and never to ask for a Memorial to be built for the two millions dead and 15 million who were forced out of their homes in 1947.

That is where our Bharat is in LIMBO today with the added friction and heat over KASHMIR. Pygmies are facing giant size problems that plague us today and lie ahead.

Please share your priceless memories of those days. They are invaluable for those who were born after Partition.