Date: 22/04/2013

According to Abrahmic religions (Islam, Christian etc) followers of their own faith are the 'Best Virtuous' or non-sinners even if they have killed innocents around the globe (for eg – Laden or Kasab ) and all Non-believers in their respective faith are termed as Kaafirs or Heretics even if these Kaafirs are of stature of Mahatma Gandhi or Buddha or MahaVeera etc. [for eg - Kuran states about Kaafirs who are - "evil" (16:27, 2:91, 2:99); the "wrong-doers" (2:254, 5:45); the "enemy" and "perverted" (63:4); "wicked" (80:42, 9:125); hypocrites (4:61); "unclean" (9:28).]. As against to this, Hindu Dharma does not discriminate humans in terms of Hindus or Non-Hindus. Hindu Dharma differentiates Humans from the perspective of their 'Karma'. If one's Karma is bad, howsoever great a person would be, he would be termed as 'Paapi' (the Evil doer). For eg - Ravana was a Bramhin - a Hindu - but he resorted to 'Paapa' and was rightfully termed as ‘Paapi’ by Dharma. Therefore, he was persuaded for just action after he forcefully took Sitaa with him. Hindu Dharma has four Steps - Saam, Daam, Bhed, Dand (Punishment) . You would find here that 'Dand' is the last action. This 'Neeti' was followed in Ramaayana and MahaBharat as well.

In Ramayana- Angad and Hanuman went to Ravana to have peaceful solution. But despite of many options, Ravana did not buzz from his actions of Lust, hence Finally he was punished (Dand). Similar approaches you will find in MahaBharat too. It is not for Killing the Kiths or Kins directly as you ‘sarcastically’ put in your mail.