Date: 19/11/2015

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Dear Rt. Hon. Cameron,

You are now going to spend billions of pounds, all from life-long honest taxpayers like myself to deal with Islamic terrorism. How long will you keep increasing honest tax-payers money on reckless ever increasing no of Muslims with their reckless high birth-rate in UK, highest proportionate of Muslims in the prisons compared to any other religion, highest no of Muslim child-sex abuse gangs and of course highest percentage of Muslims on benefits ripping the benefits system? THERE MUST BE AN END TO THIS MADNESS TO SAVE THIS ONE TIME GREAT COUNTRY.

You are still saying with your usual wishy-washy statements "Islam is a religion of peace" when in absolute reality Islam is involved 24+7+365 in utmost violence, terrorism and women's subjugation since 512 AD without a shadow of doubt. TERRORISM FROM THIS PLANET WILL NEVER GO UNTIL WORLD'S BIGGEST TERRORIST FINANCIER, PROMOTERS AND SUPPORTERS WAHHABIS FROM SAUDI ARE ERADICATED, A REGIME USA AND YOUR GOVT PUT IN POWER IN 1932 AND HAVE SUPPORTED SINCE THEN FOR THEIR ALL EVILS WITHOUT QUESTIONING EVER.

There are only two REAL leaders in Europe today to protect Christianity and humanitY, namely the dynamic Mr Putin and PM of Hungary, while Merkel, Hollande, yourself etc are allowing thousands of ISIS terrorists coming to Europe and then bombing and killing us. WHAT KIND OF POLICY IS THAT? AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, LISTEN TO WHAT MR MODI SAID, "THERE ARE NO SUCH THING AS GOOD TERRORISTS AND BAD TERRORISTS, GOOD TALIBANS OR BAD TALIBANS". All Muslims are not terrorists but ALL THE TERRORISTS ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE MUSLIMS; SAY THAT LOUD AND CLEAR.

You may learn SOMETHING from the enclosed statement of Mr. Putin. Please follow him instead of Hussain Obama, another one of the biggest supporters of the entire terrorist networks of Pakistan(Gave over $20 billions since coming to power to this terrorist epicentre of the world) and of course ISIS/ISIL/Daash, Al_Nasura etc then you will go down in the history better.

A copy of this Email, I am also sending to two Muslim MPs of Pakistani origins, those have never ever spoken a word against Muslim terrorism, child-sex grooming gangs or high rate of crime and criminality. And one of them even wants to be the next Mayor of London.

Kind regards,