Date: 21/11/2015

This is most revealing e-mail (below) showing the brilliant WISDOM of CANADA.

In the first place we would like to forward it to Mr Modi, PM of Partitioned India.

Secondly we should pause to reflect on the calibre, capability and suitability of the ministerial cabinet in BHARAT.

Thirdly we should forward it widely to add to the COLLECTIVE wisdom of our nation that is UNABLE to do a hundred things, despite majority. The list is LONG but only three are given below to illustrate the distance in thought and initiative from Canada.

1. Not acknowledging and discussing the BIGGEST defeat and surrender of history called "Partition";

2. Not able to "blast" CHACHA NEHRU'S cease-fire in Kashmir and not being able to guarantee safety of life and daughters to Hindus in SRINAGAR;

3. NOT managing to move a million Hindus towards AYODHYA to build the grandest temple there, as vast and grand as the Angkor Wat temple complex in Vietnam. Please note Vietnam is the size of Kerala (rabbit) while Bharat is the size of an elephant (sub continent).

If we cannot emulate CANADA or implement the above three tasks (out of one hundred), then the days of Hindusthan are numbered.


In a message dated 11/21/2015 8:44:56 A.M. GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxx writes:

Well done Canada and congratulations to newly elected PM Justin Trudeau for setting the benchmark for every nation to follow.

• Minister of Health is a Doctor.

• Minister of Transport is an Astronaut.

• Minister of National Defence is a Sikh Veteran.

• Minister of Youth is under the age of 45.

• Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food is a former Farmer.

• Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness was a Scout.

• Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development was a Financial Analyst.

• Minister of Finance is a successful Businessman.

• Minister of Justice was a crown prosecutor and is a First Nations Leader.

• Minister of Sport, and Persons with Disabilities is a visually impaired Paraolympian.

• Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and Canadian Coastguard is Inuit.

• Minister of Science is a medical geographer with a PhD.

New titles include Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Environment and Climate Change.

There are scientists in the cabinet, and it is made up of 50% women.

This is Progress!

Take a bow xxxxx!!

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