Date: 22/11/2015


Our history books told us about the frequent invasions from the North West when the invaders, all Muslim, all fired by belief that Mohammed was a good man, a morally super hero, a prophet, even the last Prophet that God could send down to earth, and filled with the zeal acquired by the study of KORAN, came year in and year out, to loot and destroy the temples, kill and convert the natives (easily subdued and terrified HINDUS) and then rape and abduct our females. The slaves in their tens of thousands used to be marched up, or loaded on donkeys and carts and forced through Khyber Pass to the mountains of Afghanistan and beyond.

In Kabul, Ghazni and Kandahar there used to be regular auctions of slaves, including girls and women- all terrified, recalling happy homes and loving parents but now betrayed, facing degradation, shame and humiliation, females stripped naked and being put to auction like the cattle. One mountain where thousands perished in cold, snow and hunger is still called HINDU KUSH. Even in modern age of political correctness the name is seen in every map of Afghanistan!

Hindus, with such low & rotten image and known for cowardice, were not shown any courtesy or consideration. Yet we never created a place called "MUSLIM KUSH" on earth! That is because we are no match to the barbarians and also because all the time we let them treat us as "rubbish".

The question arises, "How is it that the Hindu nation did not put an end to these invasions that were destroying us every time, resulting in huge loss of life and wealth?

That was centuries ago and we thought that never again will the world see that kind of brutality and cruelty of man against man.

But now the Muslims across the globe are behaving in the same way as centuries ago. Every country having a lot of them, has produced a killer Muslim organisation, e.g., Al Shabab in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al Qaida in Afghanistan, Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Islamic State, claiming to be a Caliphate, in Syria and Irak and the Russians have their own militant Islam in the Caucasus (Chechniya).

The Indians have them in South Kashmir where Hindus are extinct, and even in West Bengal and Kerala, the Rohingya in Burma and the Uyghurs in China. It does seem that Islamic murderous insurgency is spread across the globe like the mushrooms.

Hindusthan has always been a magnet for her enemies due to peace loving Gandhian Hindu population who do not believe in fighting or retaliation despite every provocation, onslaught, insult and torture imaginable. Anthropologists believe that the Hindus as a race have lost their gene quality and the mental scars are deep and permanent.

The recently placed statue of "Father of Eunuchs" in London proclaims loud and clear that "WE WILL NOT RESIST BUT FAST UNTO DEATH TO MOVE YOUR CONSCIENCE!"

Our new prime minister Mr Modi, made it a must to stand and bow there, even dragging a confused Mr Cameron along in order to do the same act of unconditional submission before the "false god" of "bunya" Hindus!

Gandhi statue in London was built despite protests by many patriotic Hindus (posted on Internet) who regard the coward as "Father of Pakistan"! Does anyone seriously think that had Subhash Chandra Bose been there, instead of Gandhi or Nehru, India could be cut and fragmented in 1947 like a dirty rag?

Despite the worst ever defeat and unconditional surrenders of 1947 the country stubbornly refuses to look back at the cause of that catastrophe and the earlier calamities. It seems that NO power on earth can persuade the "Parliament of Cowards" in New Delhi to show guts and courage merely to discuss that bogus PARTITION, and with honesty and the Spirit of Satyam Vijayate, bring out the role played by Gandhi and Nehru in the (secular) national politics during 1940's!

To everyone's disappointment, instead of naming the ENEMY the Constitution declares them harmless "brothers and sisters" with no concession to TRUTH that the minions have declared as the national motto (SATYAM VIJAYATE). Not ONE MP ever stood up to shout, "THE KING IS NAKED!" that is, in 1947 it was the FALSEHOOD (beastly Islamic intolerance, separatism and fundamentalism) that won hands down, smashing "SATYAM" to smitherines.

How did the whole world view Traitor Nehru's "Satyam vijayate" in 1947 when the country imploded due to the "gunpowder" called KORAN, and MILLIONS PERISHED? Someone must stand up and ask the LOK SABHA, "Are you making a FOOL of one billion of us?" (Sadly, YES, THEY ARE!)

While trying to locate the CAUSE of Muslim violence, murder, militancy and terrorism, one brother (a Hindu, NOT a Muslim- it should be clear!), has said, "I think the root cause for attacks is Koran which advocates the killing of Kafirs and on which Islam is based."

And rightly the esteemed writer (below) suggests the remedy, that "It should be banned if not destroyed."

That is the quintessence of our thousand and a half years' experience in a nutshell with the ISLAMIC killer beast.

And, NOW IT IS TIME FOR ACTION, TIME FOR IMPLEMENTATION and time for CALLING A SPADE A SPADE. We should all start getting ready (armed and trained) immediately to confront the Indian version of ISLAMIC STATE (Isil) before it is too late.

This question begs an answer: "How can we bring LAHORE back in India's MAP before DELHI, too, disappears likewise?"

Let no one think for a moment that it is a far fetched idea, or as we read below, "We should all turn to prayers and seek God's help!" NONSENSE!


22 Nov 15.
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How to stay Positive? Any suggestions???
All the World leaders are looking for a constructive non violent SOLUTION to the CURRENT World wide challenge. We ALL know, it is " very complicated ". No matter what
"" Politicians & the Public "" decide, the reaction, could be equally bad or even worst than the CURRENT CHALLENGE. Therefore, we need a miracle!!!
Seriously, don't you feel:

This is the right time for Krishna / --- / Durga Devi, to appear to set the " Thinking of humans " for ' Peace + Love for ALL '.
May we continue to Meditate + pray + chant + do Yagnya ?
Have a very Joyous Thanks Giving week! Dhanyavaad!

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I think the root cause for attacks is Koran which advocates for killing of Kafirs and on which Islam is based. That should be banned if not destroyed.

On Sunday, 22 November 2015 6:18 PM, oooooooooooo wrote:

Dear Enlightened Patriots,
• A difficult task to present a brief summary of the last week's developments.

• Barring Far East and some parts of Southern Asia, the rest of the world is at war against the ISIS. Powers remaining politically correct not calling it against Islam. It is against Islam and against Islam only;

• Asylum seekers were among those who had attacked Paris;

• The ISIS, however, seems least bothered. 'Have warned US and others bombing Syria for retaliation and vowed further attacks in Europe.US have been threatened with N-attack. Now, the call is against the Russians. Also, planning for Bangladesh;

• Anonymous, a loose international socio media unit, decided to counter the ISIS in their stronghold, social media;•

Indo-Nepal relations still under strain with China, after trying to meet fuel requirement in Nepal, assured to meet LPG crisis as well;

• An Italian priest has been attacked in Bangladesh. ISIS have claims responsibility;
• The prime mover behind the Paris attack, a Belgian, has been accounted for;
• The 13/11 Paris attack has brought in a very bad week for the entire world;
• Russia, France joined hands-for the first time in history in this Syrian crisis;
• BRICKS and G4 Summit condemned the Paris attack by ISIS and pleaded for united action;

Thanking you.