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Re: What do we do? Thoughts on truth-telling and connecting worldwide
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Dear Friends,
There are two articles in this E Mail. One is from Larry Kudlow, CNBC commentator.
The other is from Ms.Elsa of World Truth summit. One talks about tactics , to destroy ISIS and the other about the ideology behind the terror affecting the world at present and strategy to combat it. There is now already an UN resolution on every able nation to join the effort to destroy ISIS. Hope such a coalition emerges soon .

Kudlow: We need to destroy ISIS|finance|header||homepage|&par=yahoo By Larry Kudlow

November 21, 2015 1:18 PM

.View photoPhilippe Wojazer | Reuters. What ISIS has done in Paris is an act of war. Let's destroy them, says Larry Kudlow.If we want to destroy ISIS, we can destroy ISIS. Perhaps I am stating the obvious, but I want to state it anyway. Why? Because I am not hearing it enough.
I'm certainly not hearing it from the White House, where the original goal of destruction is barely mentioned. President Obama is listless. He's also petulant, pointing political fingers at Republicans. But he doesn't have a trace of a coherent policy to destroy ISIS. Not a trace.
This is from General Jack Keane, in his recent congressional testimony: "Having the best security defensive system in America is not sufficient; we must have as good an offense to stop and defeat ISIS. We do not. We are not even close."

But very few people are talking about destroying ISIS. Destroy. Putting a hard and intense edge on it. Repeating it.

Some in the Republican party and on the campaign trail are saying it. But not enough. Not repeatedly. Not so as to boost the morale of the country.
We need determination. We need to be unflinching. We need to be focused on the goal of destroying ISIS.

We are at war. Our homeland is in danger. Yes, the moratorium on Syrian refugees must be in place. That's easy. But what's not easy is coming up with a coherent plan for destroying ISIS and telling America, "We can do this." That is leadership.

It may not be exactly comparable to President Ronald Reagan's often-repeated goal of defeating Soviet communism, and his message that, Yes, we can do it. But now is the time for our leaders to say we can destroy ISIS.

I am not a military strategist. What I am trying to propose here is a message, with urgency, that is vital to the leadership equation. If the White House won't do it, then other leaders must.
It's a week after the horrific Paris terror attacks, but basically the U.S. has changed nothing. How can this be?

Why hasn't the president called for an emergency meeting of NATO where we would join brave French President Francois Hollande on declaring war with ISIS? Why haven't we done this? If the president won't, then Congress should.

And why have we not called for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council to get a war resolution through immediately?

And why hasn't Congress already passed a new authorization for the use of military force?
And why have we not called an emergency conference of our Arab allies in the Middle East, to declare war and organize a campaign to destroy ISIS?

While we wait, ISIS is expanding its franchises in Egypt, North Africa, and Nigeria. And ISIS has certainly shown increased striking ability after shooting down a Russian plane, bombing in Lebanon, and unleashing the bloody Paris attacks.

I would venture that, as long as ISIS has the real estate and territory and relative safety to operate in, it will organize, plan, and execute much more of this mayhem.
Take it away from them. Destroy ISIS.

We need to bring in Europe. Bring in our Arab allies and give Baghdad the resources to retake Iraqi territory. And as tough as it may be, America must lead. Only America can create a grand coalition to win this war.

Of course, the air bombing has to be expanded substantially. We need to expand the rules of engagement, lift all restrictions, and accept the fact that in this war there will be collateral damage.

And adding troops on the ground is a necessity. General Keane suggests a tripling, which would bring U.S. forces to about 10,000.

ISIS can only be destroyed by air and ground attacks. And a recent Washington Post/ABC poll shows that a full 60 percent of Americans favor additional ground forces.

So I say to the GOP candidates, go ahead and say it. Air and ground attacks, along with other collation forces. Ditto for the congressional leadership. Outflank the White House. The public is behind this because the public wants to destroy ISIS.

There are a million difficult issues, both tactical and strategic, in this military campaign. But the American military is the best in the world. Unleash them. Destroy ISIS. Working with our allies, we will save the American homeland, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia from this evil.
This is war. Let's rally the country, and our friends overseas. Our friends, once again, will respect us. And finally, ISIS will fear us.

Most of all the message must be clear: We are not a helpless giant. We can do this. We've done it before. We can do it again.

If we want to destroy ISIS, then we can destroy ISIS.

Commentary by Larry Kudlow, a senior contributor at CNBC and economics editor of the National Review. Follow him on Twitter @Larry_Kudlow.

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Subject: What do we do? Thoughts on truth-telling and connecting worldwide

What do we do? The massacre by Islamics at Charlie Hebdo. The murders by Islamics of random Jews in Israel. The massacres by Islamics in Paris on November 13. And worldwide:

I've come to 4 strategies.
A headline screams:

Former Al Qaeda Informant Reveals

What Everyone is Missing About Paris Attacks

What he reveals is something utterly obvious: the truth about Islam. Namely, the attacks are in line with Islam, supported by Islamic religious texts. He has studied these texts for 10 years.
He knows. So does every scholar of Islam. Robert Spencer. Mark Durie. Robert Warner. IQ al-Rassooli. David Wood.

And they have been telling the truth, over and over, in the face of Islamic truth denial, and Left-wing politically correct truth denial. They've had to face nasty headwinds that include whines about Islamophobia when any truth is told, that include lawfare against truth tellers, that include charges of hate speech.

A fundamental truth. Unless we get the truth out about Islam, it hardly matters if Trump or some other person alert to the threat of Islam gets elected in he United States. Islam has played a waiting game for 1400 years, and will continue to do so.

I am for anyone getting out the truth about Islam, and toward that end you will hear, on Wednesday evening, 8 pm New York time, from one truth teller, Steve Amundson of the CounterJihadCoalition. He is spreading facts about Islam, week after week, Saturday evening, on a busy shopping street.

Wednesday at 8 pm New York time, refresh the page. You will see a link to the interview. It will be there until Saturday morning, 8 am, New York time.

You can already download and explore 24 brochures that Steve and his friends use to help them get out the truth about Islam, ISIS, Sharia, etc. You're very welcome to pass them on, and to add local contact information.


Is there anything I see as important that goes beyond truth telling? Bill Warner has suggested that we appeal to the heart, that we show how, for instance, Christians are victimized, brutalized, murdered by Islamics.

I agree: appeal to the heart. Touched by the Charlie Hebdo massacre, millions of French people marched. But what happened to all that energy? Ostrich (or evil) Hollande, Merkel, Cameron, etc have done their best to drain the energy, to deny that Islam had anything to do with it. And that is happening again with the current massacres in Paris.

Is there anything important beyond truth telling and appealing to the heart as well as head?
My sense:

We would benefit hugely from being able to have co-ordinated worldwide truth-telling.
People are in place throughout the West - but often largely like grains of sand (though somewhat connected). It's amazing what these grains of sand are doing. JihadWatch. PoliticalIslam. CitizenWarrior. On and on.

Islam can call on millions to march worldwide - like in the co-ordinated worldwide outrage against the Danish cartoons, and not long after, the similar co-ordinated worldwide outrage against a comment from the previous Pope.

People rising up together - this is happening. Pegida. Act for America. More is happening in the former East Block countries like Poland and Hungary, than in the West, but it is happening in the West as well.

We need people to act together. For instance, I have often heard that Islam is inaccurately portrayed in many American textbooks ("Islam, religion of peace"). Wouldn't it be great to have America-wide outrage about this? And to have an America-wide uprising to, perhaps, demand the insertion a little truth package (like Surah 9) in the textbooks?

Another question. Is there any particularly important truth to tell?

My sense:

We need to go for the fundamental problem: Islam. Or it will keep resurging. Just as one does not go against just one cancer cell or one cancerous tumor, or it will make another appearance.
Truth is a powerful ally. It will decimate Islam. We could start with Islamic claims to have the truth - these have been shredded by David Wood, al-Rassooli, etc. And we could continue with the truth about Islam as anything but a religion of peace, instead a religion of coercion, binding people, notably with fear and violence.

Telling the truth is much more effective, by the way, when combined with co-ordinated worldwide action.

How best to accomplish worldwide truth-telling and other efforts?

I come back to: we need to be connected, and to be broadcasting a connected message - as Islamics marched together against the Danish cartoon. We have organizations and an increasing number of political parties that are against Islamization. Where possible, the organizations need to connect.
We also need adequately powerful media of our own - which may come from a thousand mini-medias working in connection with each other - sending the same message in country after country.
We need grassroots movements (drawing on the grassroots movements in place) maybe going door to door with messages of truth - for instance, messages about needing safety, and about needing education not indoctrination (such as the indoctrination that all opinions, cultures and religions are equal), and about needing to face the truth about Islam.

Probably I should end with a call to action. Ok. Here are actions. Many of you are already taking the first two steps:

1) join wherever you can;
2) keep learning;

2) commit to encouraging connected worldwide action.
All the best to all those who dare and care,
and according to a friend, who dares, wins,

PS. Note: I don't claim these are the best strategies, or the only ones. They're what came to mind, facing the massacres in Paris, and the massive permitted influx of Islamics into the West. (I've just heard from a German friend. She says: you don't go out at night any more. Too dangerous.
PPS. More thoughts on the power of connected truth telling. I remember truth decimating Catholicism in Europe and North America. Nuns and priests studied their religious texts and saw: the Catholic church did not follow the Bible. The nuns and priests cared about truth and left in droves. Lay people also left in droves. No birth control. No male female equality. They left.
For many people, the baby (what one might term spirituality) was also thrown out with the bathwater (religions not based on truth). Many people also went to a gruesome new "baby": New Age beliefs horrifically out of touch with reality - according to these beliefs, if you were a Jew caught in the Holocaust, you chose this - if your parents abused you physically and sexually, you chose this. It's not all smooth sailing.

Clearly, it's not that easy to get humans to face truths. Once again, it helps if we have both inner strength and are allied with like-minded others

PPPS. If you didn't see it last week, here again is With Open Gates. Great to send anyone who insists Islam is not a threat.

With Open Gates:

The forced collective suicide of European nations

The videomaker suggests that you download, and conveniently provides a download link, as many similar videos have been barred from Youtube. He also asks you to mirror - that is, post the video wherever you can, so that even if some copies are removed, other copies remain online.
PPPPS. There's more than one way of telling the truth.
Here is the truth, according to Jihadi John:
Share the love.

Here is the truth, according to Angela Merkel:<
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