Date: 25/11/2015

Turkish armed forces are all paid for by the US.

This impoverished and orthodox Muslim country like the others in the region is among the poorest held together by American money, aid and guns.

What better way to serve Islam by shielding IS (Islamic State), who celebrated the downing of Russian plane, and also getting more dollars from the US by seemingly acting tough against Russia to show its willingness to use the war plane that was Made in US, that fired the rocket that was Made in US by the pilot who was trained in US and was wearing the uniform imported free of cost from US? See a DOG wagging its tail more vigorously at the master at feeding time?

But as a member of NATO, Turkey was expected to ask her wild lawless brigands ("goons with guns") on ground to heed the Geneva Convention and not shoot to death a defenceless helpless pilot who had ejected from his burning plane in order to save his life.

Turks, like all MOHAMMEDANS, are PREDATORS (ask their former slave colonies like the Bulgarians, the Greeks and the Romanians!), still as savage as in the time of JENGIZ KHAN, Babur, Tipu Sultan and AURANGZEB and they care two hoots for Geneva Convention that is practised only by Christian armies and by the Indian Army that, after capturing an enemy soldier, treats him like the son-in-law of Jawaharlal Nehru, serving him halal and biryani, and a free copy of Koran to INSPIRE him to KILL MORE KAFIRS.

What is the reaction of those who wish to enforce Geneva Convention on all the world? Why is there an exception in the case of MUSLIMS?

India had to move the case of her own soldiers captured by Pakistan and then killed after torture in most barbaric manner. Are some still languishing in Pakistani jails, forgotten like those tens of thousands of "daughters of Hindusthan" abducted or captured by the MUSLIMS in 1947?

Our sympathies are with the RUSSIANS this time. They have been STABBED in the back by Turkey supposed to be on their side to finish off Isil.

Turkey and Russia are not at war with each other. Thus the Russian plane over Turkish air spare for a mere 17 seconds, was NOT a hostile enemy plane. It could easily have been escorted away from Turkish air space! But WHO is to teach manners to Muslims especially when that Son of a Musalmaan in White House is ONE OF THEM?

In a message dated 11/25/2015 10:39:38 P.M. GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXXX writes:

After shooting down Russian Su 24 bomber, Turkey fearing Russian response invoked Article 5 of North Atlantic Treaty Organization that guarantees: "an armed attack against one ... shall be considered an attack against them all," authorizing the use of armed force."

It is however doubtful that Europe now battered by several gale winds , whether it will come to rescue of Turkey. Russia is reported to have established bases to encircle Turkey already. After all only 3 nations matter in so called Europe, which is Western Europe in essence. Britain, France and Germany. France already cooperating with Russia in hunting ISIS. To day England is not imperial Britain at time of I st world war when it launched charge of light brigade in Crimea. Now Russia annexed Crimea. Moreover Turkey which is a member state of NATO is kept out of European Union . The same reasons that prevented Europe to accept Turkey in their union, may come into play in deciding whether NATO will risk fighting a war, as the editorial below notes, possible World war in defense of Turkey's rash behavior.

Remember how many times India was advised 'restraint' in spite of so many attacks by Pakistan by the same members of NATO that includes US as well ? In India's case where halal mutton diplomacy with Pakistan was preferred, such advise always fell on receptive ears. Neither Turkey which fired first shot, most likely nor Russia will heed any such call . Russia is not Greece for Turkey to beat back as it did when Greeks took over power in Cypress. In fact it will be best if European Union advises restraint to Turkey and observes one for itself .

"American power vacuum" that gave the world ISIS is still operative. President Obama holds Global warming more of a threat than rampaging masked ISIS going around beheading its captives. Actually the inaction by US and Europe is preferable than precipitating confrontation against Russia on behalf of Turkey. Unlike Pakistan , Russia does not suffer from fanatical zeal that blinds it to reality. Russia is after all still European, though it has huge territory in Asia as well. EU and USA can talk to Russia to cool down tempers.

IBD Editorials

Turkey-Russia Confrontation Risks World War Or Impotent NATO

11/24/2015 06:54 PM ET


President Obama and French President Francois Hollande embrace during a joint news conference in the East Room of the White House on Tuesday. AP View Enlarged ImageAmerican Decline: NATO member Turkey downs a Russian bomber. If Moscow retaliates, it could expose NATO impotence � or ignite a global escalation. All thanks to America's power vacuum, which gave us ISIS.
It hasn't taken the president "elected to end wars" very long to bring NATO and Russia closer to world war than they've been in over 30 years.

Will a U.S.-built F-16 shooting down a Russian Su-24 propel us into World War III? Let's hope not, but one assassin striking at Austria-Hungary heir Archduke Ferdinand in the name of a Russian-backed nationalist movement did trigger the first world war a century ago.

More likely, a reprisal from Russian ruler Vladimir Putin will demonstrate that NATO is no longer NATO. President Obama is most certainly not going to consider an attack on Turkey tantamount to striking America, and proceed to shoot back.

Yet that is exactly what Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty guarantees: "an armed attack against one ... shall be considered an attack against them all," authorizing "the use of armed force."

An obviously impotent NATO would invite further Russian aggression, and not just in the Middle East, plus challenges from Iran, China, North Korea and who knows who else.

Appearing with French President Fran�ois Hollande, visiting the White House on Tuesday in the aftermath of last week's Paris attacks, President Obama backed Turkey's "right to defend its territory" but also disturbingly claimed that the problem is simply that Putin won't listen to him.
Putin just won't make the "strategic shift" of abandoning Russia's longtime ally, Bashar Assad, "that, frankly, I've talked to Putin about for five years now," Obama said, complaining, "Russia is the outlier" and reiterating, "Russia is welcome to be part of this broad-based coalition" against ISIS.

Obama added, "I had a conversation with President Putin in Turkey, and I indicated to him at the time that to the extent that they make that strategic shift � focus on the Vienna process, where they have been constructive, to try to bring all the parties together; try to execute a political transition that all parties would agree to; and refocus attention on going after ISIL � then there's enormous capacity for us to cooperate. Until that happens, it's very difficult."
That shift is never going to happen.

Obama can't seem to understand that Putin doesn't want to follow the U.S. He wants to lead.
It's almost as fantastical as Obama's expectation of "what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one" at the upcoming Paris global-warming conference.
As to the growing threat of terrorism within the free world, the president's slogan seems to be "What, Me Worry?", noting, "We've gone to ballgames, and we've gone to concerts, and we've gone shopping . ... We go about our business."

The president's business is to protect the homeland, and the emergence of ISIS after Obama's Iraq withdrawal did the opposite.