Date: 23/04/2013

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Muslims destroyed the native civilisations in every country where they forced everyone under ONE draconian law of Sharia and denied the freedom of expression.

They destroyed the places of worship. No one else destroyed mosques since all the others had not sunk to such low barbarity.

Muslims wiped out the local talent by converting the defeated (through violence) in countries like IRAN, AFGHANISTAN, even PAKISTAN.
In the end the Muslims gave India PARTITION when vast territories were covered by the intellectual darkness of Islam. Muslims gave the natives MILLIONS OF WIDOWS and ORPHANS over the dark centuries of their rule.

Please ask those whose limbs are amputated, whose daughters are raped or seduced into nikah, whose mothers or sisters were stoned to death, and those who were captured and then CONVERTED.

We have yet to see a decent Muslim who converts to the religion of his non Muslim bride. Muslims degrade women by having up to FOUR as wives and many more as concubines. Slavery is still practised in Islamic countries.

Muslims destroyed all the beautiful languages on earth after they defeated the natives and put the Arabic, spoken only by the Arabs, above the lot.

What is the caibre of the Muslims who can only pray through a Book written in Arabic, not in Italian, French, Panjabi or Greek or even Tamil? If Allah spoke only one language in which he dictated the Koran then that Allah was NONE other than a scholar in the pay of ILLITERATE Mohammed who became rich after the death (or murder?) of his rich wife Khadija.

Faith in Koran makes the Muslims blind and insensitive to the feelings of the others. They can only be BEASTS if they do not help the Hindus build their demolished temples in Ayodhya, Mathura, Varanasi and so on, and if they do not willingly grant freedom to the Sikhs' holy city of NANKANA SAHIB as the Italians give freedom to the Vatican in their midst.

Muslims, being MORONS, cannot see how THEY will feel if Mecca was occupied by the Hndus or razed to ground by Jews.

So it is all right for you to say that the Muslims ruled India. But how? By BEHEADING the native men of faith and courage? SHAME if you don't realize how terrible it will be for the INDIAN Muslims in HINDU RASHTRA as it is for the Hindus in any ISLAMIC COUNTRY, when you will be paid in the same coin and spoken to in the same langage, and when the KAFIRS treat the MOMINS in the same reciprocal way..

Finally, see CHINA that never came under the foot of Islam. With Muslims around and inside her, she would not have been so strong and RICH. Now look at Europe and America. NO MUSLIMS and these countries are SHINING and even the Muslims are seen REJECTING Mohammed's Sharia and coming to CHRISTIAN world and begging for citizenship. Why don't we see Non Muslims going to ISLAMIC republics to settle down, instead?

Surely you can see IRAK, AFGHANISTAN, SOMALIA, MALI and so on where Muslims are all over, and supreme, and busy killing, murdering, abducting and raping fellow Muslims. That is how India was during those wretched centuries of Mohammmedan Rule. To see the India under Aurangzeb or Babur simply go to AFGHANISTAN or IRAK.

Islamic rule over India was the most unfortunate period of India's history. Without Islam India could be as strong, and even richer than the USA.
24 April 13.
PS: You will be my brother when I see HINDU and SIKH girls walking about freely in MULTAN & RAWALPINDI like the MUSLIM girls in Delhi and Lucknow.

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Touch your heart and tell me

Was India not built by Muslims ??

Muslims ruled India for 1000 years from 700 AD to 1700 AD - Have not they done anything good to and for India.