Date: 03/12/2015

December 03, 2015

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Subject: Fortnightly Urdu Review�Indian Policy Foundation.

The Indian Policy Foundation continued with its great piece of work as above. First, the SUMMARY.


The Supreme Court has asked the Central government while looking at a divorce case of a Christian couple that when will Common Civil Code be implemented in the country? However, the decision of the SC is opposed by Muslims. Ulemas appealed to Muslims of the country in a meeting organized in Jaipur that they must not take their cases to Indian courts and boycott them. The appeal made by them is serious. Muslims have always been questioning decisions made by the judiciary of the country. They argued that Sharia Law in the country must remain intact despite the fact that it is changed in several Islamic countries. No one in India has the right to interfere into Sharia Law because they are made by Allah. Therefore, these cannot be changed. Muslim Personal Board has been running a campaign on this from the last few decades.

Some Leftists along with pseudo secularists are running a campaign against the Narendra Modi government after Dadri incident in the country which is condemnable. This was a well planned political conspiracy. The truth is that the motive behind this campaign is to damage the reputation of the country across the world. The strange thing is that Leftists are targeting the Modi government hiding behind this incident. Dadri is located in Uttar Pradesh and Samajwadi Party is ruling the state. Similarly, M M Kalburgi was killed in the Congress-ruled state and similar is the condition in Maharashtra in case of murder of Narand Dabholkar and Govind Pansare. Still Central government is being targeted.

Around 3000 Hajis were killed on September 24, 2015 in the accident in Meena in Saudi Arabia in which 170 were Indians. Saudi Arabia and Iran are at loggerhead ever since and both the countries are going through the cycle of allegations-counter allegations. The reason for spat between both the countries is that Saudi Arabia is ruled by radical Sunnies while Iran is ruled by Shia rulers. They have been fighting for centuries.

Recently, several incidents of attacks on Shia shrine took place in Saudi Arabia in which over 100 people were killed. The Saudi Arab government held Islami jihadi organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria responsible for these incidents. Condition of West Asia is becoming explosive by the day and increasing activities of ISIS in Bangladesh and Maldives is a matter of concern for India. The Central government is concerned about the growing influence of this organization amongst Indian youths.

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Here are the selected headlines of important developments reflected in the Indian Urdu Press�good or bad.


I. Muslims asked to boycott Indian courts

II. Campaign against the RSS

III. Commotion over National Flag in Srinagar


I. Sacrifice of camels banned in Arab


I. Who is behind Turkey blasts?

II. Namaj banned in Uzbekistan

III. IS intensifies its activities in Bangladesh and Maldives

IV. Muslims in Myanmar banned to contest elections

V. Islam banned in Angola


I. Men in Dubai divorces wife on WhatsApp

II. Moscow the city with the biggest Muslim population

Details of some news and events:

Campaign of Untruths against the RSS

Mumbai-based Urdu Times wrote an editorial attempting to divide Hindu society in which it was emphasized that Muslims with other minorities must unite aborigines of this country to drive away handful upper caste led by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The newspaper claimed that enemy of Islam had resorted to guerilla warfare against Islam. Therefore, it is necessary for Islam to adopt such strategy so that the enemies of faith are forced to flee. In this save-nation rally, Muslims participated in huge number along with Dalits. Some of the prominent Dalit leaders announced that if a movement against fascist and anti humane organization - the RSS - does not start in an organized and a planned manner, the country will be destroyed.

IS intensifies its activities in Bangladesh and Maldives

Siyasat on September 30 reported that the government of India expressed concern over the increasing activities of IS in its neighbouring countries like Bangladesh and Maldives. Maldives accepted that over 250 citizen of the country joined jihad unleashed by IS and 4 of them have been killed while 30 came back to the country. Last month a rally was organized in support of IS in Male and this organization released a video tape in which three veiled people were threatening to kill President of Maldives Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom. According to the government sources, some unidentified people attacked President but somehow he escaped unhurt. However his wife, children and relatives were injured. Its activities have also increased in Bangladesh. ISIS has claimed killing two foreigners in the country. As per intelligence sources of Bangladesh at least 30 youths have left Bangladesh to join this jihadi organization.

Namaj banned in Uzbekistan

Inquilab on September 27 reported that Muslim majority country Uzbekistan banned offering namaj to youths below 18-years of age and due to this ban they were not allowed to offer namaj during Eid.

Ban on Muslim naming in China

Inquilab on September 27 reported that the Chinese government banned keeping Muslim names in the country. The government issued a list of Muslim names and instructed Muslims not to name children by these names in future.

Islam banned in Angola

Munsif on October 2 reported that African nation Angola has banned Islam as per the government orders and closed 78 mosques in the country. According to Islamic organization Islamic Community of Angola, the government closed every mosque except the two. The government banned Muslims offering namaz. Muslims across the country were being arrested.

Moscow the city with the biggest Muslim population

Nai Duniya on September 14 reported that maximum number of Muslims live in Moscow. Still the government is concerned about their growing population and not ready to provide them the basic facilities. Construction of new mosques is not allowed. Policy of the Russian government is that growing population of Muslims is a threat to the country.

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