Date: 05/12/2015

Kiya Gadhe ko bar bar dhone se Ghora ban sakta hai? (BY REPEATEDLY WASHING A DONKEY IT DOES NOT BECOME A HORSE!)



Thank you for sending us remarkable first hand observations and experiences you are having in Bharat.

Right now you are the eyes and ears of all the NRI�s who are concerned about which way Bharat seems to advance or slip. The country is UNSTABLE with Muslim �dagger� and European �cunning, dishonesty and hostility� both determined to target the Hindus to the bitter end.

The worst imaginable thing in a country that has lost one third of its territory, failed in defending �dharti and daughters�, yet showing no sign of recovery or retaliation, is to see the serious and deep divisions within the Hindu nation itself. The foreign legions are united, motivated and are pursuing their goal while the NATIVES are listening more to �sadhus and sants� than to astute politicians with some clue to Ideology. Courage to look back at Partition has taken wings.

This was the situation in 1192 when Jai Chand betrayed Prithvi Raj and sided with the invaders, also in 1849 when Teja Singh betrayed the Khalsa (Sikh) army to East India Company who then wiped out the Kingdom, and even in 1947 when Nehru openly sided with, and supported, JINNAH�s demand to partition India. And the worst scenario is TODAY, when Hindus are opposing the construction of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya and many more looking at the Pope in Rome through Sonia for salvation of the country! This is diabolical, astonishing and beyond comprehension that there could be Hindus who are not raising the symbol of their DIGNITY from dust in order to look honourable and decent to the whole world.

In 1947 the Hindus were not in a position to assert themselves at all, either to prevent the loss of vast territories to the Muslims or even to enact a HINDU Constitution to counter the effects on ground of the ISLAMIC Constitution that held sway on either side of the demoralised divided secular HINDU nation.

With educated Hindus like Nitish Kumar ignorant of the invisible but BITTER power struggles raging for the REMAINING territory of Hindusthan, we honestly don�t know whether we should follow Duke Mindaugas of Lithuania who, seeing the struggle to defend their Pagan Faith going nowhere, converted to Christianity en masse, to save the lives of his people, OR Guru Gobind Singhji who did the OPPOSITE! He armed man, woman and child to wage �total war� against the terrorist regime of a bigoted ruler, for Hindu survival.

It is time for HINDU ELDERS to hold a grand meeting to discuss this issue that impacts directly on our survival in South Asia. If the NATIVES lose then even Nitish Kumar will be forcibly CIRCUMCISED and his mother, wife and daughters will walk in streets wearing full BURKA.

Things left to themselves as they seem today will lead to a HEAD ON clash between civilisations with catastrophic result. Every Hindu ought to be AWARE of this danger.

INACTION or WRONG DECISION by Hindu leaders will mean the extermination of Hindus in Bharat as in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Hindus will not be able to return to Delhi as we can no more return to Dhaka and Lahore.