Date: 05/12/2015


I am sorry to inform you that majority of youth in general and their parents in particular, are not interested in any kind of conflict. They all have just one goal from morning to evening, just enjoy the life. Majority of middle class have too much money and vibrant westernized culture in their homes. Their chosen leaders (local council members, MLAs & MPs) know very well that hardly any one have passion to change the course of country no matter where it is going. As I have said on various occasions, most Hindus born in and around 1970, hardly understand the history of Hindu civilization, life before mughal's invasion and what happened after that. It is our (NRIs) fault that we are expecting their participation in revival of Vedic Bharat. I have questioned this to all participants Hindus from India to clarify whether they have any influence on their children and grand-children on the issue of Hindu Bharat? None have openly answered this critical question. This means our own families in India, are not in fact ready to fight for the rights of "Bharat-Mata". Under the circumstances why we NRIs should worry about India's current crisis or assume that political parties in power will ever try to "replace current constitution with Hindustan Samvidhan". Modi himself is not at all interested in bringing any change because he has started the life in Delhi in coordination with Vajpayee-Advani failed policies. It is not their priority to glorify Bharat-Mata with her Vedic Traditions & Values.