Date: 07/12/2015

Islamisation = end of democracy, free speech, libraries and centres of excellence destroyed, libraries burnt, schools colleges things of pst, freedom for women end, and back to 7 th. century way of life as in Arabia turning Europe to Eurabia to Islamic nation of Europbia.
You may laugh at this but that is the story of all 57 Islamic nations in the last 1400 years.
Remember what happened to soldier Lee Rigby and the recent stabbing of a man at London tube station and attacks in London and Paris - the list is endless.


Islamisation is getting out of hand & out of control. Even America, after losing FOURTEEN innocent lives last week, is reviewing its policy about the Muslims. One of the contenders for the post of PRESIDENT, Donald Trump, has said, words to the effect: "MUSLIMS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED INTO AMERICA!"

He is clearly snatching the INITIATIVE from our "broken bleeding" BHARAT that ought to have put an Article in Constitution to take away citizenship from all Muslims since we had CONCEDED Partition, the exclusive homeland for all the INDIAN Muslims in 1947. But "Rascal" Jawaharlal Nehru was the new Master of Partitioned India who did three diabolical things that only an ENEMY, whose heart is full of hatred or CONTEMPT, can do: (1) SURRENDERED vast territories of our Motherland without a single condition!, (2) Ordered our troops to STOP advancing in Kashmir in order to leave North Kashmir with his "sons-in-law", the PAKISTANIS, (3) Put Article 370 in Constitution that concedes very SPECIAL position and status to the state of Jammu & Kashmir as if all the other States with Hindu majority were ruled by "NIGGERS".

Pray, tell us, what must the world think of us if we, the HINDU nation, have not even changed the despicable traitor's name on Jawaharlal Nehru University in the capital, New Delhi? How about Guru Gobind Singh University, to boost our spirit and morale? How about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose University, to instil guts and clarity in administration?

Nehru encouraged ISLAMISATION of Bharat. His Constitution reinforced his EVIL intentions with vigour and force of Law and the submissive timid and COWARDLY nation even today goes along with SHARIA LAW, tolerating Muslims' multi-marriages and OVERSIZED families and all the insults heaped upon us by Bollywood Khans. What will all this ISLAMISATION of Bharat lead to ultimately?

For a good idea of our future, we can not only show guts to look BACK at 1947 (Partition and massacres and mass exodus) but also at ISIL in Syria to see how they have wiped out the Christians and the YAZIDIS.

A patriot is insisting on RE-WRITING the Constitution that was written for a BEATEN, DEFEATED, HUMILIATED, CHEATED & "SMASHED" NATION in 1947, in order to have a new one that is for a proud, brave and honourable HINDUSTHAN.