Date: 26/04/2013



Our Bharat, once a great and immensely rich country, had a free fall with the loss of sovereignty when invaded by the wild savages from Arabia in the early 8th. century onwards.

As slaves the natives, who were at a much higher cultural, spiritual and educational level, lost freedom, dignity and pride, and submitting to brutal Sharia Law, became servants, slaves and camp followers of the Mohammedan rulers who came unchecked and unhindered from Arabia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan.


That long era of vast destruction of our native culture & pride including grand buildings, schools, universities and temples, broad daylight abductions of girls, rape, countless conversions by threats of death, and massacres of millions of "Infidels" had hardly ended when Hindusthan found herself invaded and enslaved once again, this time by the fiercely contending European powers like France, Portugal and England. By the law of "survival of the fittest" the Hindus remained at the bottom of the pyramid to serve as "foot mats" of the final victors, the British.


Today that sense of shame & dishonour has come down to the prime minister of India, trailing behind an Italian born false "Queen", Sonia Maino-Gandhi, who is adored by 552 "JACKALS" known as MP's sitting in LOK SABHA, in New Delhi.


Admittedly, there were some very brave patriots who kissed the gallows as well as several spirited revolts and fights for liberation of the country but to no avail.

Finally, Britain, impoverished and weakened by Second World War, decided to grant independence- but not before “mutilating & profusely bleeding” their Indian Colony.

Readily they found a willing corroborator, Jawaharlal Nehru, the illegitimate son of a Muslim turned atheist due to contempt of the Hindus, a power hungry flamboyant play boy, educated in England and given to weakness of flesh and drinking.

He was among those despicable lecherous men who would look at a White female and promptly place the country at her feet like his grandson Rajiv Gandhi who literally followed his example many years later. Nehru, Indira and Rajiv had contempt for the natives of Bharat but love for the foreigners.

Question: Why no one has taught the Hindus the difference between “foreigner & native” with the result that they are willing to be driven like the sheep?

After Nehru was introduced to the young wife of the Viceroy it was she, NOT India, that was constantly on his mind. Nehru acted like her poodle, no different from the present prime minister, maintaining the slavish tradition.

It should be mentioned that MK Gandhi, revered as a saint ("Mahatma")), rapidly faded away as the threat of Partition loomed large, and then suddenly vanished from limelight as the day of murder of his Akhand Bharat approached, Having once put on a brave face to make the statement, "INDIA WILL BE CUT UPON MY DEAD BODY", he was seen no more but devoted his time giving lectures to the gatherings at Birla House, chanting "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!" His was a FOOL’S cry in utter wilderness. When the "lions" suddenly captured one third of his beloved Bharat all his followers behaved like the “JACKALS". Gandhi as a leader failed to motivate and inspire but induced a period of great insecurity, uncertainty and fear about what was going to happen.

From Karachi to Gilgit “Bapu” Gandhi’s followers were seen ON THE RUN in extreme panic and utmost haste, trying to join the biggest human stampede in history.

Question: Why was our top leader, Mahatma Gandhi, suddenly gripped by mental PARALYSIS and failed to give a spirited lead to his vanquished nation before and after Partition?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s actions, whether due to fright, confusion or helplessness, were pathetic. It was as if he was shouting at a pride of lions devouring their huge KILL to "go away!" In fact our emaciated Gandhi infuriated the Muslims even more and they slaughtered TWO MILLION whereas without spotting the "goat among us" they might have killed only 200,000..

India was partitioned in bloodshed but Nehru's task was only half finished. There were TWO issues that had to be resolved to his satisfaction. One was the place of Muslims in PARTITIONED INDIA and the other was the CONSTITUTION to keep the Hindus tame and toothless.

Question: Why no one is interested in discovering Nehru’s motivation to impose a secular Constitution on “Broken” Bharat while conceding ISLAM to Pakistan?

Nehru had so charmed his Hindu following that they could not raise the finger of suspicion at him even in a dream. They watched him, listened to him, adored him day and night and swore loyalty to him thus making his task of surrendering territory and exterminating the Hindus extremely easy.

It should be said however that Nehru, the smart barrister, did have a lurking feeling that someone would see through his TREASON and put the gun to his head.

Nehru urgently needed a diversion. It was KASHMIR. Some have suggested that the invasion took place on Nehru's urgent request to his friend Mohammed Ali Jinnah. No wonder he did not let the Indian army settle the issue once for all or teach a lesson to Pakistan. It should have been clear to all that Nehru fooled the Indian army by using them as a MERCENARY force. Kashmir DISPUTE is Nehru’s legacy just like PARTITION of India.

Queston: Why can the combined votes of 552 "JACKALS" called MP's in the Indian PARLIAMENT not discuss Nehru’s HIGH TREASON, nor repeal Article 370 of Constitution in order to settle some HINDU families in Kashmir?

His much celebrated Constitution did not mention Partition at all, nor identify the ENEMY responsible for the surrender of vast territories, but conceded equal rights and status to the Muslims, denying the Hindus their separate religious identity.

Can we recall a single Hindu who might have addressed Nehru, on behalf of all the Hindus, like this: "How can you acknowledge and accept ISLAM in Lahore but NOT see a Hindu in Delhi?"

Question 1: Why were the Hindus so INVISIBLE that Nehru could not see one!


Even today, 66 years on, there is NONE who sees the "Secular" Constitution as the noose around the HINDUS' necks! All the Hindus seem happy not to notice the NOOSE while wearing the "BURQA" called "Secularism".

Unsuspected or unknown to most simple Hindus the truly indigenous community most threatened by this Constitution are the SIKHS who cannot deny their Faith or wear the “BURQA” to hide it. So they became a special target of the “Hindu bashing” Dynasty.

Nehru sorted out the second issue by deleting the word "enemy" from everybody's vocabulary and rehabilitated the Muslims as equals with the native Hindus in his Constitution. We see no uproar in the Indian Parliament over Partition, the bogus and insulting Secularism and even over the Muslim presence in Partitioned India! It seems that the Parliament (Lok Sabha) is in the grip of Islamic terror.

Questions: How do our enemies see the Hindu MP’s in Lok Sabha? As “meat on running feet”? As the sheep? As cowards?

Under these circumstances there were bound to be at least five consequences of having NEHRU on top: (1) Widespread “MUSLIM” MORALITY in Hindusthan; (2) ITALIAN MAFIA rampant in Bharat, (3) "Divine Right of Dynasty to Rule for ever", (4) Epidemic of the RAPE of “daughters of Hindusthan”- currently said to be one every 24 minutes; and (5) rampant CORRUPTION. All combined are sufficient to "pulverise" the Hindus eventually even without a foreign invader or an internal enemy waging civil war.

Nobody on earth takes it "lying down" like the Hindus. Do we hear anywhere, "Partition must be reversed!"? Or, "Muslims must be shown the door!"?

So, what are the Hindus? A block of plasticine? Take a block of plasticine (or mud). Press down on it with your foot. Lift the foot. You clearly see a deep impression of the foot. Now take a rubber ball. Press your foot on it. Lift the foot. The ball has instantly regained its original round shape. There is NO print or impression of the foot to be seen on it. That is how our India emerged as “India” even after getting her limbs chopped off. The Constitution of the “Unconscious Hindu Nation” does not call it “Broken Bharat” or “Partitioned India” in order to fool us all.

Most countries not only bounce back to original shape but also give hot pursuit to the enemy by going on the OFFENSIVE to annexe territory. Germany was punished for starting the war. She lost vast territories in the East, including East Prussia and Koenigsberg (now Kaliningrad) to Poland and Russia.

What about the United States of America if “Pakistan Resolution” were to be passed in Boston or New York?

This is what would happen: On the very day the "Pakistan Resolution", like the one in Lahore on March 23, 1940, is even discussed, ALL THE MUSLIMS WOULD BE INTERNED and then KICKED OUT (covered in SPIT & TAR) to the countries where they had come from. There is NO counterpart of Bandit Jawaharlal NEHRU who sent a telegram of CONGRATULATIONS to his "brother" Jinnah in Karachi on August 14, 1947, and soon thereafter stopped his troops from advancing in Kashmir! We do admire America for their quick response & decisive action, but we don’t copy her.

Question: Why don’t we consider the United States of America our “role model” in dealing with the separatist Muslims?

When the intimidated Hindus become sovereign like the Germans, "NEHRU, INDIRA & RAJIV will become the most derogatory words like "HITLER, GOERING & GOEBBELS". The alternatives will be QUISLING, BALDEV SINGH and JAI CHAND,

Question: Why haven't we identified a single traitor during the “free fall” (despicable surrender) of 1947 to NAME & SHAME?

We ought to record for posterity that none stood up for country in 1947 when her cherished unity and "Shakti" were destroyed for ever. She was again enslaved by an autocrat to be passed on to his daughter and grandson.

At the time of writing three "rats", the so-called Supreme Commander, the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister, hold the reins of power in their hands and all three need advice and guidance from a semi literate female from Italy, the Land of Mafia and the Pope.

We look up to our LEADERS to encourage the Hindus to SURFACE at last, and be SEEN building the great historic Temple in Ayodhya and question every Muslim they see in PARTITIONED India, "What are YOU doing here?"

We cannot overlook PARTITION fearing the Wrath of Mohammed and then leave final reckoning to our children or grandchildren. Do we relish the very thought of them being treated by their Muslim "fellow citizens" as we, our PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS were treated in Pakistan in the Year of Partition? Definitely NOT.

Destiny requires us to do the following:-



-CLAIM COMPENSATION for loss of life, wages and properties lost due to the negligence and FAILURE of the government of India. If for losing one finger at place of work one is entitled to compensation, have we ever thought of people’s entitlement to compensation for the loss of life and property at Partition that was brought about through BETRAYAL?

Question: Why no claims were submitted to Nehru’s government detailing all the losses- human and material- that the innocent people suffered directly due to his action? Such claims cannot be time barred.

Psychology: Collectively the Hindus still have inferiority complex. One said, “Indira Gandhi would have been one of us had she gone to Ayodhya to raise the demolished Temple!” That was wishful thinking. The nation has not seen a ruler go to mandir in the last thousand years. Now, being secular by Constitution, a mandir has become irrelevant to all.

Do we find a historic church or an important mosque in ruins anywhere? Why do the Hindus show to the whole world that our temples mean little to us? The EVIL in Maimoona Begum prompted her to attack Golden Temple. Her mercenary army was ready to follow her illegal orders. That the Hindu nation did not go for her throat shows the state of the Hindu nation itself that also passively watched Sonia Maino and Rajiv Gandhi destroy the Hindu Constitution in Nepal. People cannot realize how Hindu religion is being eradicated, not just bashed, if their LEADERS have no clue to the geo-political power struggles that are putting the Hindus down and down.

Question: Why don’t we expect our leaders to explain their vision and then pass on that VISION to those they lead?

Is there any wonder that the Parliament has such AVERSON to the very idea of setting up a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM to remind our coming generations of all the Hindus massacred, slaughtered, killed, driven out of their homes and forced to wear the dog collar called “Secularism” for the last one thousand years? Who will infuse courage in the demoralised LOK SABHA with such an extremely LOW opinion about themselves?

Look at the amount of money spent on the BOGUS “samadhis” of the one who failed to defend our Akhand Bharat, of the other who signed the unconditional surrender of India’s five provinces without referendum, and of another who replaced the word “Hindu” by “Secular” in Constitution, again without referendum, of the female who was a secret convert to Islam but never used her real name, MAIMOONA BEGUM, to fool the Hindus, and the one for the loafer who could not find a bride in the whole of India but imported one from Italy to insult the native girls, to encourage the young men to dream of foreign wives, and became notorious for taking BOFORS commissions.

Surely the money saved from the “samadhis” that will soon be razed to ground, could have been spent on a decent Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya and a Hindu Holocaust Museum, similar to the one built by the proud people of Israel in Jerusalem.


How can the cowards produce children that are brave? Building the Hindu Holocaust Museum will put the Hindus beside the bravest of the world.

Our Military cannot be different from the quality of the ignorant masses and nor from the corrupt civilian superiors. They have suffered extensively despite the inspiring mottos inscribed in their training manuals. Where is their pride, sense of honour and patriotism if they are subordinate to the useless “rubber stamp” Supreme Commander who, in turn, is subordinate to the Italian born Catholic “First Lady” Sonia Maino-Gandhi and all the “baboos” at her disposal?

Question: Why do the Indian generals obey the corrupt rulers like the German generals obeying Hitler? Will Bharat NOT perish in the same way?

Why did the Hindu leaders FAIL to realize that Maimoona Begum (a.k.a. Indira Gandhi) was strictly secular (never looking at the RUINS in Ayodhya!) but to the Muslims she was either SISTER or even MOTHER?

Finally, we must insist on POST MORTEM of Partition to ensure safety in the future. Sowing cactus in the PAST will not give us mangoes in the FUTURE. Those who think and speak like our enemies, “Partition is history” wish the Hindus to go through similar disaster in the future.

Hindus will be a proud and honourable nation, FIT TO SURVIVE ON EARTH and even fit to RULE their own Hindusthan only when in every town, village and city in Bharat there is a deafening outcry, “Who surrendered ONE THIRD OF INDIA to the enemy without Referendum or Population Exchange? What did he think of the HINDUS? What did he think of our HINDUSTHAN? What did he think of our FUTURE?”

It is preposterous to waste public money to build “samadhis” for these “SWINE” and then tell the world, “They were our great leaders!” WERE THEY?

The next generation of Men and Stalwarts will read this and know what a rotten corrupted, rapist and brutal secular wreck of an ex colony INDIA they rescued and saved from Muslim Morals & Italian Mafia. The first act of patriotism they will do is to bring PARTITION to the foreground and find out who did what, and why, and expose them for High Treason.

26 April 2013.