Date: 08/12/2015

DONALD TRUMP is among the few patriots who are also BRAVE. The others, who cannot tell the difference between the tactical view of a situation from the in-depth and long rage future of the country, may be patriots but they are both ignorant and cowards.

The Muslims are just landing in the New World that has absolutely no experience of the wars and struggles, ideological clashes, massacres, FORCIBLE CONVERSIONS and genocides that have been going on for centuries in the old world, including the two WORLD WARS that did not “burn” any corner of the USA.

In terms of strategy the American infant is playing with the tiger cub. One is ignorant, the other is harmless- but how long more?

NATURE OF ISLAM is obvious even to the fool who cares to explore the reasons of widespread violence in the ISLAMIC world (esp. Middle East) and the large exodus of Muslim refugees seeking safety, NOT in any Muslim country, but in peaceful CHRISTIAN world.

The nature of Islam is primitive if you notice the status of women and the honour killing for, in some cases, even talking to a stranger or a man who is not a brother, father or husband of the woman. Their permanent characteristic is total DISLOYALTY to the land of birth and the non-Muslim fellow citizens. Recall the PARTITION of India in 1947 when the INDIAN Muslims attacked and mutilated their own land of birth and set upon their non Muslim fellow citizens with utmost barbarity.

We see this hatred of FELLOW CITIZENS on daily basis in Europe, for example the London bombings, the attack on trains in Madrid, massacres in Paris and so on.

Those who specialise in the behaviour of Muslims are alarmed at the seeds of future violence, abduction, rape and massacres (Islam) getting embedded in the “virgin” American soil where people have no clue as to who they are letting in.

America in 2015 is where India stood in 712 AD when the Muslims had just landed with their bloodied hands.

As the Muslim numbers increase (that they will do at a rate TEN TIMES that of the other communities in America!) we will see more demands, more mosques, more radicalisation, more explosions and more gun shootings across the country and ultimately either civil war or outright partition of the United States. Let us not forget that as recently as 1947 India, too, was UNITED and stretched from Khyber to Chittagong and from Kerala to Gilgit and Baltistan.

The Indians meekly suffered, tolerated, fed and fattened Islam to dire consequences.

The “mixed” marriages are ONE WAY traffic, the destruction of holy places hit hard ONLY the Hindus, and finally death and destruction (ethnic cleansing) crushed and decimated only the Hindus.

POTENTIAL: Their misfortune (“poison”) of rigid and inflexible belief system, and the ideology of Islam where a book with no coherent content, is declared the “Word of God”, will only spread through the body of America like CANCER CELLS. What cancer does to human body ISLAM DOES TO A COUNTRY.

When the cancer spreads beyond cure countries are be embroiled in civil wars, internal insurrections or complete anarchy and mayhem. Millions FLEE in all directions for safety. Muslims will be slaughtering Muslims. That is what is happening in PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN, IRAK, SYRIA, YEMEN & LIBYA.

Europeans ought to have known better and even charged American intelligentsia to do more research on Islam. (Mr. Trump’s bewildered remark, “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” shows the general ignorance about Islam).

But there is NO explanation for this SUICIDAL tendency on the part of Angela Merkel who is introducing Kafir KILLER Muslims in their millions once again into their free civil societies. She has forgotten as to with what difficulty the Spaniards, the Bulgars and the Greeks got rid of Islam!

Donald Trump has shown the VISION beyond the tenure of office of a President or a man’s life span. We congratulate his patriotism with FARSIGHT & FORESIGHT.