Date: 09/12/2015

It was a remarkable sight on Thursday, 12th of Nov 2015. In a big gathering of world press in London, with PM David Cameron present, Mr Modi was asked the question that is constantly “burning the back” of the Western/Islamic reporters, "Mr Modi, the Hindus are becoming violent towards the minorities. What are you doing about it?" He was, of course, thinking of 1000 “sons-i-laws” of Jawaharlal Nehru killed in Gujarat, NOT of the at least 3,000 Sikhs massacred in Delhi alone in November 1984 with the connivance of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the “BOFORS CHOR”!

Mr Modi was at his diplomatic best, and pushing aside the reality, that is, “You have not mentioned the violence of Muslims who killed two million Hindu minority in Pakistan and even today desecrate a temple and abduct and rape a Hindu girl in West Bengal on daily basis, nor have you mentioned the mischievous Muslims who set fire to the train compartment with pilgrims inside,” he said, disarming the reporter and his “People of Book” in Rome and Mecca, something very soothing.

He began by saying, “Ours is the land of Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, the land of peace and secular Constitution…..” (He could have added Guru Nanak, too).

At that time one saw his greatness, wisdom, tact and also pride in native RELIGIONS of Bharat, casting aside Nehru’s secularism under which he had to mention Mohammed of Mecca after mentioning Buddha!


PS: What is still needed to attend to the wounds of FOUR communities in Bharat: 1. The Gorkhas; 2. The Sikhs; 3. The Bengalis under Mamata Banerjee; and 3. The Tamils (who need an explanation about the Indian Expeditionary Force that crossed the sea to attack and kill them in Northern Sri Lanka instead of doing what the manly Turks did in Northern Cyprus in order to defend the Non Resident TURKS living there. Were those Tamils, sent to Sri Lanka by British masters to work on tea plantations there, not of INDIAN origin, or the children of Bharat Maata?

The greatness of India lies in tendering an unqualified APOLOGY to these four INDIGENOUS people- ALL MEMBERS OF INDIAN FAMILY, and then asking the FOREIGN “FIFTH COLUMN” to explain, “WHY YOU BROKE UP AKHAND BHARAT, THE LAND OF BUDDHA AND MAHATMA GANDHI?”