Date: 13/12/2015

Mister Modi wants to win Nobel peace prize. Hence he has deviated from the Hindutva agenda. It seems he is no longer loyal to the RSS.
He has used the RSS as ladder to fulfill his ambition.

God save India now.

Dear Modi Ji,

Narain Kataria must be laughing from his grave today with his sleeves up seeing your failures and attempts to bluff the world keeping Brit Scrooge, conman, Gay and paedophile Gandhi behind you (photo enclosed). It was Mr. Kataria who worked hard tirelessly everyday for fifteen years including raising funds to make you a PM but you ignored him completely when you visited US last just to project yourself as a BLOODY SECULARIST. What a pity.

Eighteen months have passed by, not a single FAKE GANDHIS' DALAL IN YOUR CABINET, not a single incompetent minister or Babu either have been replaced or sacked. You became a PM with the reputation "a lion of Gujarat" but only God Almighty knows once you became a PM, you became soft like cow's pee.

We still are with you, but for how long if you don't come to senses get of the garbage like greasy Jaitley etc and punish the presstitutes, crooks and criminals.


PS: Get rid of that curse on India Gandhi's bust from your office to bring your luck back. The day you put that unlucky bust in your office, since then you are having only failures.