Date: 18/12/2015

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Dear friend,

You have posed a good question. (I do not understand, why more people in Denmark aren't more “p*****” about the whole situation.)

The answer to my mind is:

1. Individualism in the West. In Muslim countries it is community, not individual that matters. For example, in India if a Mohammedan seduces a non Muslim girl it is nobody else’s business but if a Hindu were to fall in love with a Muslim female then both risk being KILLED. The entire Muslim COMMUNITY gets enraged and retaliates as “attack on Islam”.

2. Education: It makes people rational. Muslims are mostly illiterate except in the knowledge of Koran.

3. Affluence and wealth: A Jehadi who lives on boiled rice and goat's meat has nothing to lose but stands to gain “gold and girls” by slaying some Kafirs.

The Jehadi couple who killed 14 innocent Americans at San Bernardino, California, on 2nd. December last, left a six month old baby behind. Killing of Infidels has much higher PRIORITY in Islam than family ties or bringing up small children. Affluent people, on the other hand, have homes, jobs, businesses, families, cars, TV sets, bank accounts and all the creature comforts to lose as well as family and friends.

This observation was confirmed at the time of civil war that suddenly broke out in India in 1947. To the natives of India (Hindus) it came as a complete surprise just like the surprise attack on the two WTC towers in New York in 2001. (By the way, “SURPRISE” is a deadly weapon often used by the followers of Mohammed of Mecca!)

Normally in civil war there are two sides that count, but in that year in India the NATIVES (perceived as “Kafirs” by the Muslims), betrayed by their own leaders, took to flight instead of standing fast to defend families, homes and land. The savages won hands down while the affluent Hindus perished in their millions.

The Muslims, as always, were poor and had nothing to lose. So they could instantly take to massacres, arson, loot, abduction and rape across an area as vast as Spain and France put together. It is noteworthy that the Muslims in India had earlier ruled, looted and exploited the natives for over SEVEN CENTURIES. Yet by 1947 they were reduced into POVERTY. Homes and wealth of the Hindus became a magnet for their attacks.

Please look around in your own country, Denmark. Despite all the facilities of EDUCATION and opportunities of competing for good JOBS, the Muslims are relatively poor and ANGRY. So it is not difficult to foresee as to which side will attack first, taking the other by surprise.

The only course open to the educated, affluent and the civilised native Christian Danes is to know that the SAVAGE has always had an upper hand over the civilised. Partition of India and the attack on WTC Towers in New York in 2001 should be eye openers to all your fellow countrymen.

Donald Trump seems to have grasped this crucial FACT well!


18 Dec 15.

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Thank you!

It's a strong move, to shut down these schools. Unfortunatly, such schools might be easy to operate in other countries, if the minimum requirements for grade levels are met - private schools can operate in Denmark, if they meet these requirements, and thu they arent't illegal - such Islamic private schools exist, there is one near my neighbourhood - all arab muslim.

I hope people will not use homeschooling to turn kids into infidel-slayers!

I do not understand, why more people in Denmark aren't more pissed about the whole situation





THE founders of three illegally-operated schools face being jailed after Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, ordered inspector to draw up a legal case against them.

Ofsted has been told to prepare prosecution files against all 18 unregistered schools it has discovered- and to do so in all future cases- to stop pupils being exposed to extremist ideology.

Sir Michael Wiltshaw, the chief inspector of schools, has disclosed that three Birmingham schools that offered a narrow Islamic-based curriculum using anti-semitic, homophobic and misogynistic material were shut last month. Independent schools offering full-time education in England must register with the Department for Education and accept inspection by Ofsted. Failure to comply can lead to a jail term of up to 51 weeks and a fine.

All cases will go before Mrs. Morgan, who will decide if a prosecution can be pursued. She said: “Since 2010 we have taken robust steps to tackle unregistered schools and improve safeguarding. I have now asked Ofsted to prepare cases for prosecution against unregistered school it has identified.

“For a child to spend a single day in one of these schools is unacceptable.”

(NB: Please read what she said, “For a child to spend a single day in one of these schools is unacceptable.”

This is how the UNITED Kingdom safeguards her FUTURE PEACE by NIPPING THE ISLAMIC EVIL IN THE BUD!

We ask, “Will the education minister of Partitioned India do LIKEWISE to prevent the second PARTITION?”


17 Dec 2015.