Date: 23/12/2015

Thank you. I wonder when "so called peace loving Mullahs, Maulvis and Imams meet prominent Indian leaders in power including PM-Modiji, do they ask them to explain the written "controversial words like Kafir". If not why not. If a muslim asks me to explain any part of Ramayan or Geeta, being a Hindu I will have no problem in explaining the meaning of any thing controversial in his/her mind. As a Hindu I will not feel insulted by such inquiry. Similarly, "so called religious leaders of Islam' must not feel insulted in explaining the word "Kafir" especially beheading of humans by taking name of Allah. The billion dollars question is whether our PM, President and even any Minister will ever try this in front of camera rolling for national TV broadcast? More than One hundred crores Hindus in India and across the world would like to hear such debate for better understanding. The fact is that top Hindu leaders, don't have courage because of "vote bank policies".