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Thank you for making relevant and appropriate observations shown below. I hope, the Politicians in power to whom the mail has been copied do read and grasp how frustrated are persons like you who bet your life for the Country.

Surely, our Democratic system as practiced is flawed and serves Politicians, MPs, MLAs, MLCs, Governors, VIPs, VVIPs well. Of-course, business tycoons too. While the persons in power always propagate that they are for the poor and the common man, their actions & activities adversely affect the poor & the common man. The Tax system including the proposed GST will not help the matter.

Someone should get the information about how much tax payers money is spent on Politicians, MPs, MLAs, MLCs, Governors, VIPs, VVIPs, to keep them in power, in the whole country, including all States. Imagine the Govt. spending for MPLADS !! The data will definitely show that the democratic system practiced in India is flawed.

I have lived in Canada & USA and worked there. No money like MPLADS. I am not aware that MPs, MPPs, (Canada), Congress men and Senators (USA) interfere with the executive body of govt. like in India the elected fellows exercise too much power over IAS, IPS, IFS offices, as well as on Deputy Commissioners-also called collectors or District Magistrates, Assistant Commissioners, Thahsildar, Municipal & Corporation officers and so on. This is the root cause of corruption. Elected fellows exercising over or directing the executive should cease immediately. If the elected persons have issues, they should approach PMO or CMO to address their concerns.

Then, the Revenue Dept. officers like Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, Thahsildars, Deuty Thahsildars holding Courts to settle Civil revenue & Municipal disputes, is unheard of in Canada or USA. Canadian Democratic system is similar to that of UK. India is supposed to have copied UK democratic system. The Revenue department officers holding courts is a legacy of British Raj. These officers are not trained in LAW and Judicial Processes. It is prone to corruption because clerical staff are involved. This empowerment of Revenue officers should be abolished immediately. Any Civil or revenue matter disputes should be assigned to the regular judicial courts.

Will the present BJP Modi Sarkar implement the changes suggested above ? Will BJP MODI Sarkar look into issues raised by you shown below ?

Hope So.

God Bless Bharat.


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Subject: Re: Speaker moots proposal for building new Parliament, Plans for New House may destroy History- Sharad Yadav –JD(U), Deccan Herald, Dec. 29, 2015

That such a proposal should at all , in midst of what we are living through, be conceived is itself appallingly mischievous of not a pugnacious slap in face of sense and sensibility.

That It comes from a speaker of the house is indicative of the calibre of people that our our ramshackle democracy throws up. There seems to be a hidden agenda behind it to create and keep creating opportunities for profiteering where big contracts , big businesses are the best way to swell pockets of politicians . Mr Modi's smart cities , smart Make in India are similarly styled business driven smart ideas.

We must pull down this thought of tempering with the Parliament House glut the speakers In box.



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Dear Respected Madam Speaker and the Leaders of Bharat:

As documented below, the existing Parliament building was commissioned 1927-88 years ago. It is said that the building is showing signs of “ distress”, because of ageing and will not meet growing demand for space.

1. What are the priorities of BJP Modi Sarkar ? BJP promised shelter for millions lacking housing, safe drinking water, Toilets and Sanitation facilities and so on.

2. On the contrary, hard earned tax payers’ money is being spent on increasing salaries and benefits for MPs-400 % increase since 2009. They are allowed to spend 130 crores + for travel. They can eat at Parliament canteen at subsidized cost- which costs tax payers tens of crores.

3. Should the common folk living in houses older than 88 years, start borrowing money to construct new houses.

4. The existing Parliament building a Historical Heritage Monument. If required, it should be re-furbished. Indian Engineers and Architects will do an acceptable job including security needs. No Singapore Consultants, please. Only Hon. Chandra Babu Naidu can hire Singapore fellows.

5. The idea of adding more VIPs or VVIPs to the existing system should be abandoned. They are costing a lot and taking out of the needed “ Oxygen” from the economy.

6. Please, see below: The United States Capital building was built in 1973 ( 222 years ago), The White House was built in 1972 ( 223 years ago). People of USA will oppose “tooth & nail”, if US Govt. want to go for New buildings.

Madam Speaker and the BJP Modi Sarkar, please do not waste public money to build a new Parliament building. You are not authorized by the Public. But, do build Ram Temple.

Thank you, for your time.



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Speaker moots proposal for building new Parliament

New Delhi, Dec 27, 2015, (PTI

A proposal has been mooted for constructing another Parliament building with Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan saying the existing 88-year-old structure is showing signs of "distress" because of ageing and will no longer be able to meet the growing demand for space.

She has, in fact, proposed two options for the alternative site -- one within the Parliament complex itself and another across the Rajpath, a place where some defence and Delhi Police security barracks are situated.

Mahajan has written a letter to Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu asking him to consider initiating action for construction of a new Parliament building.

To justify the need for a new Parliament building, she has argued that when the present structure was commissioned in 1927, the number of staff, security personnel, media visitors and parliamentary activities were limited but over the years, the parliamentary activities and number of people working there and visitors have increased manifold.

"On account of ageing of the Parliament House building and expansion in activities, staff etc, the building has shown signs of distress and over utilization," she has said in her letter to Naidu, while noting that the present structure is already 88 years old.

The Speaker has said that initially the building was intended only for the Members of Parliament and the Secretariat staff.

But, with the expanding scope of Parliamentary oversight functions, increase in number of committees and security requirements, the demand for space has increased several times, she has underlined.

Since the building has been declared as 'Heritage Grade-I' structure, there are several limitations on the structural repairs, additions, alterations and modifications to it, the Speaker has said.

Mahajan has said the number of seats in the Lok Sabha is likely to go up after 2026 "in accordance with the provisions of the explanation to clause (3) Article 81 of the Constitution" while the present seating capacity of the House is 550 without any scope for increasing it any further.

"Even if the Central Hall of the Parliament House, which presently has seating capacity of 398, were to be converted into the Lok Sabha Chamber, it would not be in a position to accommodate more than 550 members," she wrote.

The Speaker said there are also plans, keeping in view the technological advancements, to equip the MPs with latest gadgets to enable them to make the best possible use of technological tools available and to make Parliament paperless.

"This would also require re-designing and refurbishing of the sitting arrangements in the Lok Sabha Chamber. Whereas there are limitations to this in the present sitting arrangements in the Chamber, a new building will offer better scope for a modern Parliament building equipped with latest technological tools," she said.

"Under the circumstances, there is an imperative need for the construction of a new state-of-art Parliament building," the Speaker wrote.

One option for construction of the new Parliament Building would be within the complex itself which would require relocation of certain facilities and services, she said.

The second option could be the other side of Rajpath, which is "suitably large area and would enable a free design of a new Parliament House building", Mahajan said.

She suggested that an underground link beneath the Rajpath the two complexes may be constructed to provide connectivity between the existing building and the proposed new complex.

Plans for New House may destroy History- Sharad Yadav –JD(U), DHN, Delhi ,Dec. 29, 2015, Page-8

Calling Lokh Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan ‘ s proposals for a new Parliament Building an attempt at destroying Historical Monument, Janata Dal-United President Sharad Yadav has urged not to proceed with the Plan.

“ I oppose the move of Construction of a new building of Parliament House. It will be like destroying a Historical Monumnt and Historical Temple of Democracy “, Yadav said in a statement on Monday.

The Speaker claimed that the existing structure is showing signs of strain and will not be able to meet the growing demand for space.