Date: 05/01/2016


We can easily recognise a FAILED state by three cardinal points or criteria:

1. Can it defend its borders effectively from either hostile elements or the enemy?

2. Can it guarantee safety of life to ALL its citizens?

3. Can it try the corrupt despite their social status, family connections or large political following?

NOW let us see Bharat in the light of the above mentioned criteria-

1. Frequent incursions by terrorists from across the border from the West, and large scale infiltration of illegal immigrants from the East, have become routine.

2. The plight of Hindus in West Bengal who are subjected to frequent attacks by Muslims and abductions and rape of Hindu girls and the destruction of idols in temples there, and the plight of Hindus in South Kashmir, especially in Srinagar, who do not feel safe in their own homes, is another pointer to a failed State.

3. In Bharat corruption and nepotism are rampant. Even chief ministers are involved in large scale drug smuggling, fodder, coal and land scams, and grooming their own family members for their offices following the example of Nehru dynasty.


Question: In view of the above, is it time to call Bharat (Hindusthan) a FAILED State?


Please express your views freely. You may find some more criteria. The BJP government in Bharat will find your views very useful.


5 Jan 16.