Date: 05/01/2016

Thank you for your response. I agree with you. More and more people will wake up. But I can’t help reflecting on the tragedy of the German women that night since Germany, with the best knowledge and intelligence in the world, was TAKEN BY SURPRISE like the Americans at Pearl Harbour and later in New York! With a little forethought this tragedy could have been avoided.

In the evening I tuned in to SWR (Sued-West-Rundfunk) which broadcasts from Stuttgart. They gave the news of two 18-year old girls being surrounded, molested and then gang raped by 15 men of Middle East origin. So, taking into account the 90 in Cologne who were brave enough to report to the police, plus those in Munich, Hamburg, Leverkusen and Stuttgart, the total could well be 200 or even more- among them many school and university students, office workers, bank clerks, shop assistants, nurses, young mothers, somebody’s sisters, daughters and even wives!

Angela Merkel ought to have been better advised on the Muslims’ compelling propensity to rape. (1400 school girls in England in recent years!) The despicable practise seems “sanctioned” (justified) to the followers of Mohammed who himself took the women of slain enemies and encouraged his men to do likewise. Every Muslim invader in India, and they were too many to count, promised “GIRLS & GOLD” as reward for killing the Kafirs. He promised them 72 virgins each after death if they died in battle. European history of conquest by Moors (Spain) and Turks (Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria) states clearly the plight of women, especially Jewish, Yazidi and Christian, in the lands conquered by Muslims.

None on earth suffered more molestation and rape than the Hindus in occupied India. Accounts are well documented.

It was to confront the Turks (as the Muslim rulers of India were called) that the Tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, asked each and every man, woman and girl to carry a sword (“kirpan”) whenever they stepped out of home! There were instances when these brave women had to use their swords to save their honour. Had this disgusting scene taken place in East Punjab (the Sikh majority State in India) half of the miscreants would have been slain on the spot while the other half would have taken to flight! In Germany, on the other hand, the whole nation is reeling in shame and shock, like a shamed virgin in tears!

Only the cowards go for women who cannot fight back. Thus the cowardly Muslims took much pleasure & pride in degrading the German nation through rape of their women. They would have been “high” on thrill and frenzy while “hunting down” their quarry!

They dishonoured Germany and gave a slap in the face to those who welcomed them when they sought shelter. A leopard never changes its spots and the beast in Mohammed always comes out when the moment comes!

What should Germany do?

1. They should filter immigration in order to divert the Muslims to their ISLAMIC republics.

2. They should ban the entry of Muslims to all such festivities that have roots in Judaeo-Christian tradition where the sexes mingle freely to celebrate together. A Muslim is a MISFIT.

Having grown up in an Islamic society or country, the sight of Christians (Jews or Hindus) singing, dancing and celebrating is simply too much to bear. Losing his composure and orientation he “explodes”.

The next time a couple of suicide bombers could easily get into the scene and detonate bombs. One can recall the attacks in Mumbai, London and Paris- and Pathankot four days ago.

Watching the Muslims over centuries, not just decades, one is not surprised when the Muslims show gratitude by saying, “Thank you!” through murder, rape and arson.


6 Jan 16.